What Netflix Show You Should Binge-Watch According to your Zodiac Sign

Ready for your new TV show obsession? Let the binge-watching begin ...

Aquarius: Stranger Things

You are highly intellectual and love to help others out. You always have your friends’ backs, just like the kids of Stranger Things do. Your progressive and independent nature parallels to strong-willed Eleven who risks it all for her friends in this sci-fi 80s throwback series. What gives?

Pisces: The Vampire Diaries

Someone who is compassionate like you is not afraid of a little romance and is willing to leave your emotional side exposed. A series like The Vampire Diaries--packed with love triangles, mythology, shocking plot twists, and of course, hot vampire brothers--is definitely up your alley.


Aries: Glee

You are courageous in your pursuit of going after your dreams, just like the high school members of the Glee club. You love to take on a leadership role and have excellent organizational skills, similar to the show’s lead character Rachel Berry. It’s a perfect match!

Taurus: Gossip Girl

You are well-grounded and in touch with the environment that surrounds you. You fully immerse yourself in your neighborhood’s culture, just like Gossip Girl’s Blair and Serena do in the Big Apple. You also are not afraid to indulge in luxuries like high quality clothing or a premium meal. Who knows? The NYC elite high schoolers on this series may just inspire you to spend your next summer vacation in Paris.

Gemini: Riverdale

Someone who is curious and quick-witted like you is always on the hunt for a new adventure. You are eager to uncover whatever is itching you, just like the cast of Riverdale who work together to uncover “The Black Hood” that is haunting their town. The fact that you have strong communication skills, like the series’ Jughead Jones, is also a plus in your pursuit.

Cancer: Pretty Little Liars

You are extremely loyal and your friends see you as the emotional backbone of the group. You and your buds are extremely tight, just like the girls of Pretty Little Liars, who work to discover the truth about what happened to their best friend once she goes missing. Even after a series of haunting texts and near-death experiences, they remain by each other’s side for seven whole seasons. They always empathize with each other when they are going through a rough patch. Sound familiar to you and your BFFs?

Leo: Fuller House

Someone who is creative like you never runs out of fun activities to do. You are always optimistic and having a great time, likewise, the Fuller family in the spinoff to the popular 90s series Full House. You are monarch of your family and radiate self-confidence, just like the series’ “Wolf Pack:” DJ, Stephanie, and Kimmy. Can I get a howl?

Virgo: Santa Clarita Diet

You prefer a simplistic approach to life and are often introverted. You can relate to Santa Clarita Diet’s Sheila and Joel, who are living a quiet life, raising their teenage daughter in Santa Clarita, California. However, sometimes you like to let out your fun side, which is why the horror-comedy element of this series is perfect for helping you come out of your shell. Get ready to LOL.

Libra: One Day at a Time

A Libra like you values a balanced lifestyle surrounded by people who support you and lift you up. Family is one of your top priorities, just as it is for One Day at a Time’s single mom Penelope, who works to raise two-strong willed children, no matter what it takes. Even though Penelope has to enlist her old school mom and building manager to help her out, she does whatever she can to avoid conflict. That’s just like you, peacekeeper

Scorpio: The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

You are determined and resourceful just like Sabrina Spellman, who does whatever it takes to maintain her moral compass in the face of The Dark Lord. You and Sabrina tackle whatever challenges life throws at you and fiercely protect your loved ones. You go, girls!

Sagittarius: Grey's Anatomy

You have boundless enthusiasm for what you are most passionate about, just like Meredith Grey, who works tirelessly to save lives on Grey’s Anatomy. Neither of you waste time thinking what could be--instead, you strive to achieve your goals with an open mind and empathetic heart.

Capricorn: The Crown

A Capricorn like you has very traditional values and has a great sense of self-control. You and The Crown’s Queen Elizabeth II are regal and refined in the way you go about life. You both take command of your futures and make solid, assertive decisions without flinching. Keep it up!