19 Health Resolutions for 2019

New year, new goals. Kick off 2019 the right way with 19 Health Resolutions recommended by wellness experts. This list of food, fitness, and mental health advice is the ultimate collection of motivational goals, and a reminder to always stay empowered.

  1. “Spend 10 minutes a day working out. Most people end up giving up on their resolutions because they set really big goals and lose motivation when the results don't happen quickly. Instead, set micro goals to build up to your larger goals. The LSF Daily 10 Workouts on lovesweatfitness.com are the perfect way to kick this off!” —Katie Dunlop, Trainer and Creator of Love Sweat Fitness

  2. “Give permission to yourself to become the person you want to be. Design your life in a way that feels rewarding and fulfilling, filled with supportive friends and events to look forward to. If you’re not feeling as emotionally healthy as you’d like to, be willing to consult your doctor or a licensed mental health professional.” —Robi Ludwig, Psychotherapist

  3. “Let go of unhealthy relationships with food. Release your own guilt and judgement around eating. This starts from a place of self-love and self-acceptance. If we love ourselves, we are less likely to cause ourselves harm. Instead of looking in our fridge for a source of comfort, looking to a fad diet as a means of control, or hating ourselves for eating a slice of cake over the holidays, we can engage in activities that help us love and accept ourselves with no strings attached so we can stop looking outside of ourselves to find this.” —Alexandra Samet, Yoga Instructor at New York Yoga

  4. “Practice self-love and compassion. We’re always so hard on ourselves, feeling like we’re not skinny enough or like we did something bad by eating a slice of pizza. Instead of always trying to change, celebrate everything about yourself. Maybe you binged on ice cream, but you are super strong. Or maybe your boss yelled at you for screwing up something, but you helped your friend who was having a hard time.”—Elianna Kable—SoulCycle Instructor

  5. “Find movement you love and schedule it into your calendar. Whether it’s two, three, or six, times a week, just make a solid commitment to whatever is possible in your schedule and start with that. Some ideas could be step classes, belly dancing, yoga, running, or brisk walking.” —Elise Nawrocki, Fitness Instructor

6. “Look up tons of recipes online to inspire you to eat healthier. Head to Pinterest, find food blogs, cookbooks, or look at Instagram. Making meal plans helps too, as you can writing down ideas ahead of time will help you stay organized and not run out of ideas for healthy meals to make. It will also keep you motivated and eventually will become a lot easier to plan.”—Angelica Arias, Food Blogger

7. "Do one good thing for someone else once a week. Anxiety, depression, and even high blood pressure and dementia have been proven to benefit from acts of generosity. This act can be as simple as paying for the coffee of the person behind you or running a race for a local charity.”—Rique Uresti, SoulCycle Instructor

8. “Exercise. It will not only provide you with the endorphin release we all know and love, but studies have found that low-intensity exercise sustained over a period of time actually stimulates nerve cell growth. Exercise is mood enhancing, improves sleep, and often contributes to increased self-confidence.”—Rachel Blakeman, Psychoanalyst

9. “A cap full of Apple Cider Vinegar a day can keep the bloating away.  Drinking a cap full of apple cider vinegar mixed with six ounces of water first thing in the morning leads to a healthier digestive system, flatter tummy, and helps stabilize and regulate your blood sugar. I recommend the Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar, which is carried in most stores.”—Daniel Wiener, Former SoulCycle Master Instructor

10. “Eat out less. Eating out too much is expensive and can be very unhealthy no matter where you are choosing to eat. It’s good to know what ingredients you are using to cook with and also what exactly is going into your body!”—Nicole Radon, Elite Gymnast certified in TRX and Pound Fitness

11. “Ditch dairy. Giving up dairy products is one of the most beneficial moves you can make for your health. If you experience regular stomach discomfort, like bloating, ditching dairy can significantly help you feel lighter. You may also experience reduced acne or excema, faster workout recovery, and reduced allergy symptoms. Win-win-win-win! ”—Dotsie Bausch, Olympic Cyclist and Founder of Switch4Good

12. “Shed the ego in your fitness routine. As a yoga instructor, I constantly hear from others that they are “bad” at yoga. However, I believe that releasing our need to be perfect in our fitness routine is what really helps us grow as athletes and as human beings. When you put yourself out there, surrender to what is uncomfortable, and broadcast the real you, flaws and all, impossible things start becoming possible.”—Samet

13. “Get into the habit of doing two-minute tone ups. Hold a plank for one minute followed by a plank with shoulder taps for 30 seconds. Finish with push-ups for 30 seconds.”—Wiener

14. “Clean out your pantry and your fridge. Get rid of anything that is unhealthy and full of additives, refined sugars, preservatives, and all that junk that is terrible for our bodies. Stock up on fruits, veggies, complex carbs, and all clean foods to start the year off right. Invest some time in reading labels too and look for harmful ingredients to avoid when you buy things such as spreads and sauces.”—Arias

15. “Stop judging and start assuming the more positive interpretations are accurate.  Notice your tendency to assume negative intent behind someone's words or actions or to judge yourself harshly. Instead, adopt a stance of curiosity and positivity; challenge negative assumptions by interpreting situations through a positive lens, narrating the story without judgment. Turn the negative assumptions into non-judgmental questions and accept the positive.”—Blakeman

16. “Make sleep time a priority. Serotonin is a huge factor in our physical and mental health. Instead of date night, have a sleep night.”—Uresti

17. “Keep a gratitude journal. Spend a little time each day to write down something you are grateful for. The more often you remember all the things in your life that bring you joy, the better for your overall mental health!”—Dunlop

18. “Experiment with plant-based food in the kitchen. Plant-based cuisine is hot right now, and there are so many different and delicious ways of preparing it. Try making a creamy, nutrient-dense ‘cheese’ sauce out of butternut squash or a cheesecake out of cashews! You’ll not only discover new favorite recipes, but eat better without even trying!”—Bausch

19. “Don’t focus on the quantity of a workout, but the quality of it. Just because you can’t commit an hour doesn’t mean you can’t get a good workout in that day! Even fifteen minutes can go a really long way: it can make you feel awesome and give you results.”—Kable