To the Max: Get to Know Teen Heartthrob Maximillian Marcham

Move aside millennial models—16-year-old Maximillian Marcham is making big moves in today’s modeling industry. The England native has been modeling since the age of seven, and he just signed a contract with designer clothing brand Emperor London. Additionally, Marcham recently put his acting skills to the test as he starred in his first film, the horror-comedy Last Village on the Right. Besides pursuing his acting ambitions, the teen is working on building his Instagram platform as well, which led to his recent appearance on the Boys of Summer Tour 2019, where he traveled around America alongside fellow influencers for meet and greets and performances. Below, the rising heartthrob reflects on his recent journey across the pond (full disclosure: Marcham plans on moving to Los Angeles next summer).

Which was your first love: acting or modeling? What about each appealed to you the most?

My first love was modeling, although I much prefer acting now. What appeals to me about modeling is the clothes, as I love fashion. What I love about acting is the fact that every day and every role is completely different. It keeps life interesting to travel to different locations and work with different people. I get to meet amazing, creative people that I would never encounter in a nine-to-five job.

In your opinion, what has been the most exciting moment of your career to date?

Getting to come to America for the Boys for Summer Tour. I got to stay in LA, which I have been very eager to visit for a while. In fact, I loved it so much in LA, I may move there next year.

What was it like being on the Boys of Summer Tour?

I had so much fun. I got to meet influencers who I had been chatting with over the past year but hadn’t actually met in person. It was especially nice to meet so many supporters who had been commenting on my Instagram photos for so long. I felt that I already knew some of them, so when they turned up with letters and other gifts for me, it was the icing on the cake.

What was your favorite part about being on tour?

Getting to connect with people who are similar to me. A lot of my previous school friends didn’t really understand this industry and mocked me for what I do, so spending time with influencers who I have so much in common with felt really refreshing and inspiring. 

Who were some of your closest friends on tour?

Carrie, Emma, Gigi, and Markie. The three girls because I had chatted with them more before the tour, and Markie because we were the only two boys from Europe. He’s from Holland, and I’m from England.

What was the best gift you received from a fan?

A girl who has been supporting me for a long time wrote me a really beautiful letter. She came to the tour especially to see me.

What’s up next for you?

Although I‘ve only just recovered from jet lag from my West Coast trip, I have to return to the states again soon to do more of the tour, this time on the East Coast in Washington and New York. In regards to my acting, I have lots of auditions and self-tapes to do, so it‘s an exciting time for me.

This or That:

Modeling or acting? Acting, 100%. 

Instagram or TikTok? Instagram. 

San Francisco or LA? LA all the way. 

Chinese or Mexican food? They’re both so good, but Chinese edges it. 

Netflix or live TV? Netflix. 

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Instagram: @maximillian_marcham