A Vice for Velvet

Velvet is a force. No, I’m not talking about the one that Luke Skywalker possesses in Star Wars. This force is much more powerful, spreading to a myriad of accessories and articles of clothing with no signs of stopping! It's displayed in an array of colors and cuts in all areas of the fashion world, from swimwear, to athleisure, to evening wear. Velvet’s world dominance is not to be ignored.

The fabric--which originated in Egypt in 2000 BCE--is a type of woven tufted material where the cut threads are evenly distributed in a short dense pile. This is what gives it a distinctive soft feel that Americans have come to love and embrace in all areas of style. The way that people incorporate velvet in their wardrobe has evolved tremendously over the years (hello, velvet sneakers and puffer coats!). I went on a hunt around NYC to find my favorite, innovative velvet pieces to show you here; Dover Street Market had a ton! I also compiled a collection of some of my top velvet pieces that are sold online. Guess who’s gonna have a vice for velvet now?

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