A Healthy Solution to the Bikini Blues

It’s one week before winter vacation. You vow that you are going to eat healthy all week so that your bikini pics look perfect on your Instagram feed...but gosh, that ice cream pint looks so good. Well I’m here to propose a solution: a Swirlio machine.

Let’s back it up a second...what exactly is this thing? It is a machine that takes your favorite frozen fruits, blends them together, and turns them into soft serve “ice cream.” Healthy fruits are the only ingredient in this dessert--no other ingredients included! All you have to do is place some fruit in the freezer for about 2 hours (or just buy frozen fruit from the grocery store), plug in the Swirlio machine, and push the fruit through the tube. It should come out of the bottom and make a delicious, healthy treat for you to enjoy! If you want to feel completely shameless, you can even top it with sugar free chocolate syrup, slivered almonds, or additional fruit. Now, you’re ready to get that perfect vacay shot...say “Swirlio!”