Up, Up, and Away: Balloons at the Ballet!

Two days ago, I escaped into a world of magic, filled with an array of colors that elicited widespread grins. It was one of the most positive atmospheres that I have ever witnessed--not one person frowned or shed a tear (unless they were crying because of how beautiful it was). This was all a result of Turkish American visual artist Jihan Zencirli, known as “Geronimo's” new balloon installation in the New York City Ballet Art Series at Lincoln Center. I was honored to have been invited to attend the official unveiling of the balloons and to share the artist’s special night with her.

As soon as the ropes were opened, I ran up the stairs so I could get a glimpse of the balloons. I was greeted by Geronimo (who was circling the room on roller skates!) and people dressed in balloon outfits! However, the star of the room clearly was the display of over 200,000 compostable, biodegradable balloons. They range in size from ten inches to ten feet and fit together to create whimsical configurations. Wanna be a part of the magic and take your picture with the colorful installation? The New York City Ballet is hosting free, public viewing hours to see the exhibition February 17th through February 25th (Monday-Friday 10am-6pm, Saturday 10am-12pm, Sunday 10am-1pm). The display will also be on view at special New York City Ballet Art Series performances with after parties on February 2nd and February 24th with tickets at an exclusive price of $30. Attendees will even receive a limited-edition takeaway from Geronimo to remember the enchantment for years to come. I know I will...

With the artist, Geronimo