Hanging With Jack Squared

Today, I am giving you a gift: your new celebrity obsession. Jack and Jack are lifelong BFFs and travel together as an unstoppable pop and rap duo. Not to mention, they are YouTube sensations with over 1.6 million followers! Last September, they even published their first book (my mom helped them write it), which received rave reviews from Goodreads, Target, and others. Perhaps you’ve already heard of them...if not, where have you been and what are you waiting for?

In October, I had the honor of attending their amazing concert at Irving Plaza in NYC and got to hang out with them before the start of the show. The last time we had seen each other was two summers ago at the photo shoot for their book, where I got to spend the day and really get to know how incredibly chill and kind they are. I wondered if they would remember me--it had been a while. But I could never forget them! I find it nearly impossible to pick a favorite between the two; Jack Johnson’s hilarious sense of humor is undeniable, while Jack Gilinsky is so charming and could easily be a model on the cover of GQ. How do you choose between that?

Since Jack and Jack have a huge fan base, you can imagine how many people were in line for their pre-show meet and greet. My friend Ashley and I passed the time by discussing our favorite parts of the boys’ book (when they talk about their killer style!) and how we were going to pose for our pic with them (smile with teeth or no teeth?).

When we finally got inside, Jack G. was the first to greet me with a warm embrace. “Hey, Carrie, right? You’re the one who brought us cupcakes! What’s up!” he exclaimed.

It’s true—when I met them for the very first time at their NYC hotel, I brought them cupcakes with their faces on them because I knew they would be in desperate need of a sweet treat after their long flight from LA. They loved the surprise and even put a picture of me holding the cupcakes on their Snapchat story!

After I stared dreamily into Jack Gilinsky's eyes for a good ten seconds at the concert venue, Jack Johnson went in for a hug. “How’s school? What grade are you in now?” After the Jacks and I took a pic with our arms wrapped around each other, I told them to break legs and started to head to my seat. “Hey!” Jack Johnson shouted after me. “We’re twinning!” I looked down at my khaki linen jacket and noticed that Johnson had a similar camo jacket on. I blushed and gave a flirtatious wave goodbye. Until our next encounter, J-squared…

Jack and Jack’s EP “Gone” is now available on iTunes and their new video "Beg" will leave you begging for more. Also, make sure to check out their YouTube channel and book “Jack & Jack: You Don’t Know Jacks.” You can also follow them on Instagram @jackandjack.

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