I Rate This Look An Eleven

Unless you’ve been living in the Upside Down, you’ve probably heard of the hit Netflix thriller “Stranger Things.” The series--which just released a nine-episode Season 2--follows a group of kids in the small town of Hawkins, Indiana who are constantly fighting for their lives (against the “demogorgon” in season 1 and the “shadow monster” in season 2). Twelve-year-old character Will Byers is controlled by the monster in both seasons (I know, poor kid!), while his mother, brother, and friends try to restore him back to good health. Oh, and you can’t forget the unstoppable Eleven, a tween with psychokinetic abilities that always puts her life and risk for the greater good of her peers. Each episode leaves you on the edge of your seat, which is why most people binge watched the second season in a matter of hours. So, for the people who are as addicted to Stranger Things as I am, I put together fashionable looks inspired by some of my fave characters from the series. You have my permission to eat some Eggo’s while splurging.

Shadow Monster:



Nancy Wheeler: