Your Most Fashionable Halloween Yet

With Halloween on the horizon, the last minute scramble to find the perfect costume is pretty much inevitable. Another inevitability: picking out the same cliché outfit that you’ve sported three years in a row (devil costumes should be condemned by now). This year, take my advice and choose one of my outfit suggestions for the 31st that look more stylish than spooky. There’s no shame in standing out in a room full of superheroes and witches.

1. Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City

Channel your inner New Yorker by putting together an outfit that captures the Sex and the City character’s bold, feminine style. Mimicking her signature tutu from the opening theme guarantees you’ll look the most fashionable out of all your friends (and don’t forget Carrie’s signature nameplate necklace!).

2. Barbie

The renowned fashion doll lives in a dream house, so you’re destined to have the perfect Halloween in an outfit inspired by her lifestyle. Choose pieces in her iconic hot pink hue that suit you best--an edgy bomber jacket works just as well as a flirty frock!

3. Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany's

Get inspired by Audrey Hepburn by investing in pearls, black satin gloves, and circular sunglasses. As for the LBD, you may just find it already hanging at the front of your closet.

4. Cleopatra

Be the queen of the evening by sporting dazzling metallic gold hues and stacks of jewelry. PS: You totally have permission to rock blue eyeliner.

5. Cher from Clueless

Having an outfit less than perfection on Halloween night? As if! Luckily, plaid is all the rage this season, so you will be right on trend in clothing items inspired by the character’s legendary look.

6. Cruella de Vil

She may be a Disney villain, but there’s no denying her flamboyant fashion sense, “extra” in all the right ways. A fur coat and fiery red satin gloves are practically a given.

7. Scary Spice

Who cares about vampires and werewolves? Everyone will wannabe dressed just like you when you step out in a bold, leopard-printed outfit this Halloween.