Taylor Felt’s New Single Negates Negativity

Say no to negativity...because as Taylor Felt’s new song declares, she’s “done with your **** baby.” After releasing her hit song, “Touch the Sky” earlier this year, the teen singer-songwriter is back again with “Done With It,” a new tune that serves as an empowering anthem for anyone who struggles to let go of negative energy. The poignant lyrics (“I don’t got no time to play any of your games/I don’t got no time to listen to you complain) inspire others to take control over their emotions and exhibit self-confidence. In our interview, Felt exclusively discloses her personal connection to the single, as well as what you can expect next from her.

What inspired you to write “Done with It?”

I was inspired by negative people in my life that I’ve had to let go of in the past. I was fed up with all their lies, complaining, and selfish ways, so I said I’m “done with it.” By writing this song, I turned the negativity into positivity, hopefully empowering people to let go of the negative energy in their life!

What is the significance of the title of the song?

We all have those people and things in our life that we’re just done with. It’s a freeing moment when you walk away from a person or something that has been weighing you down. Being “done with it” allows you to move on and grow, feeling happier minus the negativity.

How does “Done With It” differ from “Touch the Sky?”

“Touch the Sky” is about proving people wrong and following your dreams no matter what, while “Done with It” is about cutting negative people out of your life. They go hand and hand because you have to be “done with it” to “touch the sky.” While you’re going for your dreams, you have to walk away from the negative people that doubt you and don’t believe in your vision.

What was your process in producing “Done with It?”

“Done with It” started by me coming up with the verses while I was at home. I immediately started singing, “Why are you talking all, talking all tough like that?”, so I ran to my piano and put chords to the melody. Then, I came up with the hook of the song, “I’m done with your **** baby.” I wanted it to feel like a slap in the face and be an empowering moment, telling somebody that you’re straight up done with it! I recorded it at home and sent it to NYMZ. He was digging it, so he started producing around it. I worked with a super talented songwriter, Fresh, who helped me finish the song. Then, I recorded the final vocals, cut by an amazing engineer named Rarrii. NYMZ took the song to the next level with his dope production, making it danceable yet powerful at the same time.

What was the most challenging part of the song production process?

Coming up with the drop was tough because it was super last minute! I really liked the initial drop NYMZ made, but he wasn’t feeling it. We sent each other so many melodies and ideas but nothing clicked until I sent him the airy “I don’t got no time to, yeah, yeah” melody. He freaked out and we knew it was exactly what the song needed. For the drop, NYMZ took those airy vocals, pitched them down an octave, and reversed them! My mind was blown. It sounded like an instrument, but it was all my vocals! He played it for me in the studio and I was so hyped! If the drop wasn’t a challenge, “Done with It” wouldn’t be how it is today.

What has the response been like from fans to your new single?

The response has been so amazing! A lot of people are saying they like “Done with It” just as much as “Touch the Sky”. They love how it’s so catchy and makes them want to dance! They also like how sassy the lyrics are. I hope when people listen to it, they feel empowered and strong.

What type of music can people expect from you in the future?

I will be creating lots of music in the studio with NYMZ, Fresh, Rarrii, and an amazing songwriter named Kaydence! It’s so fun collaborating with other writers because you get to bounce ideas off of each other while creating. Some of the songs we are working on now are a little less dance and more pop. The vibes are different than “Touch the Sky” and “Done with It.” I can’t wait for you to hear!

You can stream and listen to “Done with It” on Apple Music, Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Music, YouTube, and iHeartRadio. Make sure to share videos of you jamming to the song on social media and use the hashtag “#donewithit” for a chance to be featured on Taylor’s Instagram story!