A Lesson on Layering

With winter in full swing, it’s crucial to wear multiple layers in order to keep toasty. I know sometimes wearing a jacket over a sweater over a shirt every day becomes tedious, but I have great news: there is a stylish solution! There are many different ways to layer pieces during the cold weather; you can even pull out your fave summer sundress in the wintertime and layer under it. My fave recent layered look was a white ribbed sweater with a herringbone romper layered over it, topped with a white faux fur bomber from MaddieStyle. The romper--from Mixology--would have been a cute early-Autumn look on its own, but adding layers to it takes it to a whole new level of chic.

Street Style Layering:

Here are six innovative ways that you can rock your layers when there’s a chill in the air:

1. A Turtleneck Sweater with a Romper Layered Over It

2. A Hoodie with a Trench Coat Layered Over It (bonus points if the pieces are in the same color palate!)

3. A Graphic Tee with a Faux Fur Jacket Layered Over It

4. A High-Neck Crop-Top with a Statement Bomber Jacket Layered Over It

5. A Jumpsuit with an Faux Fur Duster Coat Layered Over It

6. A Buttoned-Up Blazer with a Denim Jacket Layered On Top Of It...and a Faux Fur Vest On Top Of That (the ultimate layered look!)

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