Pearls Are Not Just For Your Grandma

“Ew, why are you wearing a string of pearls around your neck? Who are you, my grandma?”

*casually chuckles* Next time anyone shouts that at you, sit back and let the current evolution of pearls prove them wrong. Take Veronica Lodge on the TV show Riverdale for example, who wears pearls almost every episode—no one would call her anything but chic.

Veronica Lodge

In the 21st century, we not only rock the classic string of pearls or pearl studs, but we take the trend to the next level. I’m talking backpacks with pearls, gloves with pearls, and even pearls on our feet! Here are my top five “pearl picks” that will leave those bullies begging at your feet for your style.

Kendall Jenner wearing a pearl blazer

1. Pearl Gloves: Bringing classy vibes to the snowy streets.

2. Pearl Jeans: A unique, high fashion twist that will become your new wardrobe obsession.

3. Pearl Shoes: Pure elegance from head to toe.

4. Pearl Bags: The gem is equally as elegant on a nighttime clutch as it is on a daytime backpack.

5. Pearl Jackets: Whether it is a blazer or shredded denim, these jackets will earn you major style points.

Pearls in My Wardrobe: