A New Wardrobe for the Ultimate Riverdale Fan

Are you hooked on the CW series Riverdale? Or more importantly, are you obsessed with each character’s individual style? Well, I have curated a collection of outfits inspired by each my five fave characters (some of the looks they actually wore on the show!)--so you can strut like a Betty or Veronica. Trust me, your outfit will be so killer, the Black Hood won’t be able to get near you.

1. Betty Cooper: Preppy, pastel, and feminine...straight out of 1950's Doris Day. Does she hold "the key" to what haunts her hometown?

2. Jughead Jones: The bad boy next door brings a rugged and mysterious vibe to his wardrobe.

3. Veronica Lodge: Elegant and glamorous with a 1940s New York feel, and you can’t forget her signature pearl necklace.

4. Cheryl Blossom: The queen bee’s presence shines through in her vibrant clothing, often in the power hue red and her slightly-sinister accessories.

5. Josie McCoy: Why do you have to wait till Halloween to wear leopard print and cat ears? This character proves that animal patterns, paired with leather accessories, can be worn daily.