The Rainbow Connection

As Kermit the Frog once said, “Someday you’ll find it...the rainbow connection.” Turns out, the little green guy wasn’t lying—we found it alright. The rainbow trend is dominating the fashion industry, whether the ROYGBIV hues are incorporated into outerwear, accessories, or even platform sneakers (Steve Madden’s rainbow stacked platform kicks are sold out worldwide).

So why now? Why has the rainbow trend suddenly emerged? I like to think of it as the “radiance that follows the storm.” But in this case, the thunder stems from the negative words surrounding the LGBTQ movement. In 2018, we are finally moving towards accepting all types of people, regardless of gender, race, or sexual orientation. As a result, the fashion industry has been using rainbow hues in their collections in order to celebrate and embrace acceptance and respect. Take Burberry, for example, who used the rainbow as a symbol of love and inclusivity in their February 2018 line of women’s clothing and accessories. They even created a version of their signature check fabric that included a rainbow stripe when it walked the runway. As a whole, the capsule collection signifies our world’s shift into a bright future, one where we embrace all types of individuals.

Fashion houses knew that the rainbow trend would prevail this season ever since last September, where the hues were highlighted in designers’ spring collections. Missoni created a vibrant ROYGBIV jumpsuit with a matching sculptural headpiece, Dolce & Gabbana ventured into creating a rainbow corset, and Emporio Armani created the ultimate power suit.

So 39 years after “The Rainbow Connection,” was released, it looks like we have finally found it. But I have to say, Kermit was wrong about one thing. Rainbows are not “only illusions.” They are a triumphant representation of the love and respect we are learning to incorporate into our everyday lives. Nope...nothing illusionary about that.

Missoni's Spring 2018 Runway Show

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