Disney Stars' Unfiltered Obsessions with Bold Lips

Hey Disney Fans,

I’m sure that you follow your fave celebs from the channel on Instagram (Dove Cameron, Sabrina Carpenter...the list of inspirational beauties go on and on). You probably stare at their stunning red carpet gowns and selfies taken with the perfect lighting. But what you may not notice is their obsession with wearing bold lips...interesting, huh? I decided to dig deeper into this manner and investigate why. Hint: it’s not because they want the color of their lips to match Mickey Mouse’s bright red pants.

The most common lip hue that I have come across on Disney stars’ Instagram pages is that vibrant, Mickey Mouse red. Red can symbolize a variety of different things--the most notable are confidence, strength, and power. Disney is all about spreading positivity to its audience through entertainment, and the red color can rub off serious empowerment vibes just through a social media post. The Disney stars are unafraid to stand out and be bold; displaying this confidence to their followers will most likely encourage them to do the same. Red also is a symbol of love and passion. Disney stars are so humbled and grateful to the position they are in...and it’s all because of you! They want to show their gratitude by radiating their love and dedication to making their fans happy.

Another color that I came across frequently on Disney celebs’ pages is (surprisingly!) dark purple. This rare lipcolor, just like red, is associated with power and devotion! It's also a symbol of ambition, which is key when it comes to chasing your dreams. Not to mention, purple is a color of magic...Tinkerbelle, are you sprinkling some pixie dust on your fave stars?

These Disney stars sure know how to make a statement when it comes to beauty! They are unapologetically themselves and encourage you to take the same risk...no regrets. As Walt Disney once said, “First, think. Second, believe. Third, dream. And finally, dare.”

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