Wait...How Do I Wear Leggings?!

Almost everyone has a pair of comfy leggings in their closet. They’re easy to throw on and don’t require a lot of effort when you need to use...you know….the little girls’ room. But stretchy pants aren’t always the most stylish looking as opposed to ripped jeans or a suede skirt (can you say “cameltoe?”). I put together five solutions for how you can rock your favorite pair of leggings in the chicest ways possible.

1. Find a solid colored pair with mesh cutouts. This can create a super sporty look; take Hailey Baldwin for example, who paired her leggings with an on-trend bomber jacket from Saint Laurent. Bombers are a super easy way to take your look from gym to high fashion street style in just seconds.

2. Pick a bomb pair of sneakers. If black leggings seem boring to you, a bold statement sneaker can totally draw all of the attention. Check out this awesome pair from Lola Cruz Shoes.

3. Pair your leggings with a long button down tee and a buckled belt for more of an androgynous look. Another plus: no camel toe will be showing! Take inspo from these two pieces I picked out:

4. Go for more of an edgy vibe by wearing pleather or leather leggings. Want to go full out rocker chic? Add a leather jacket like Bella Hadid. Just make sure to break up the pieces with a lighter colored t-shirt so your look isn’t completely black.

5. Tie a flannel around your waist for an-ultra chic vibe. If Hilary Duff can pull it off, why can’t you? Go take on the fashion world in your fabulous leggings, style star!

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