A Rice Pudding a Day Keeps the Stress Away

Forget purchasing Cookie Dō when you want to eat your troubles away...Rice to Riches is next-level delicious. The spot in Lower Manhattan has been a hit for a long time, accumulating lines that span down the block since 2003. Perhaps you’ve seen the store make a cameo on Sex in the City or in the movie Hitch where Eva Mendes indulges in the treat. I guarantee you, it tastes that good

Many aspects of Rice to Riches’ uniqueness contribute to its undeniable popularity, and make it a must-visit spot for tourists. First, the obvious: its variety of rice pudding flavors. Not only does the store carry the classic treat, but it puts an interesting twist on it. Some of the most popular flavors—labeled with extremely creative names—include “Oreo” Gasm, Coast to Coast Cheesecake, The Edge of Rum Raisin, and Be My Banana Coconut (my all time favorite). The seasonal flavors are also divine; this past winter, customers got to try I Gotta the Panna Cotta, Possessed by Espresso Chocolate Chip, The Corner of Cookies and Cream, and many more. 

They also are known for their carefully crafted toppings for the rice puddings. Among the most famous: the “spirit” (oatmeal coconut crumble), the “flourish” (toasted pound cake), and the “mischief” (buttery graham cracker crumble). Yum, yum, and yum!

Another component that makes the store so renowned: the abundance of hilarious signs hanging on the walls. They contain catchphrases and jokes that are almost as tasty as the pudding itself. Some of the comments include “If rice pudding is wrong, I don’t wanna be right,” “Eat all you want, you’re already fat,” and “Think with your stomach.”

Next time you think about reaching for some Dō, think again. You may just find your new obsession—thank me later.

Rice to Riches delivers all over the U.S. in addition to serving their puddings at 37 Spring Street in SoHo. Go towww.ricetoriches.com to place your order today.