Lady Gaga's Tragic Health Battle

We all know that Lady Gaga lives for the applause, but as she continues to battle fibromyalgia, there’s a million reasons why it’s hard for her to face the paparazzi. First off, the long-term syndrome causes chronic pain all over the body. FMS is also proven to affect sleep schedules and concentration, as well as inflict memory loss and headaches upon the victim. These are a few of the reasons why Gaga was forced to cancel the last ten European dates of her Joanne world tour. She took to Twitter to explain her severe pain and sorrow in disappointing her fans. But looking back on the three years that Gaga has been diagnosed, it looks like things aren’t looking up quite yet. 

Gaga first saw signs of FMS in 2015, when she broke her hip during a world tour. She documented the pain that she suffered through ever since that experience in her Netflix documentary “Gaga: Five Foot Two.”The singer is extremely candid in sharing the great extent of her muscle and deep tissue pain with viewers. Through retelling her story, Gaga is exemplifying a feat of courage. She lets the audience take a look inside of her darkest hours in order to raise awareness for FMS, which often goes unnoticed. Gaga serves as a role model for someone who strives to succeed and pursue her passion despite her suffering. All fans can do now is forgive her for cancelling her Joanne tour and pray for a speedy recovery. If the music community showers her with an overwhelming amount of love and support, she will surely find the cure soon.