The Star of Sustainable Fashion

Although there has been much talk surrounding the future of sustainable fashion and eco friendly looks all over social media, nobody has truly taken a stand. Well I have big news for you all: Emma Watson (remember Hermione Granger turned Belle?!) is making a huge style statement.

Watson has started to use her events in order to showcase how stylish sustainable labels can be, and even inspired some of the world’s high fashion labels to create eco-friendly looks! Watson’s red carpet ensemble for the Beauty and the Beast promo tour even consisted of a custom cutout gown made with certified organic silk from Givenchy Haute Couture...a first for the fashion label! Not to mention, her standout Calvin Klein dress for last year’s Met Gala was made out of recycled plastic bottles!

She also highlights the brand “Kitx” who created an asymmetrical mini with organic silk and hand sewn metal paillettes from West India. Watson also made a huge statement when hiring an all female team to create an off-the-shoulder gown made out of end-of-the line fabric, the kind that typically gets destroyed after the design process. Watson ties her looks together with her signature Audrey Hepburn style bun and light makeup that highlights her natural beauty: the kind that radiates both from her exterior features, as well as her commendable, inner eco-friendly spirit.

To check out more of Watson’s sustainable looks, go scroll through her Instagram @the_press_tour! Become one of her 510,000 (and counting!) followers, and you can take a look at what goes on behind the scenes in creating her masterpieces. I’ll wait while you all scurry to her page.

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