Bergdorf's New Cafe is a Breath of Fresh Air!

Move over Tiffany’s Blue Box Cafe, Bergdorf Goodman’s new Instagrammable eatery is open for business. The 50-seat restaurant has been completely transformed into a vibrant, bejeweled utopia designed by renowned New Orleans artist Ashley Longshore (check out my interview with her here). Besides the stunning jeweled wallpaper from Flavor Paper, the cafe--which was renamed “Palette at BG”--highlights her “Empowered Women” artwork series. The walls are covered in Longshore’s outspoken yet glamorous design aesthetic, highlighting punny witticisms (i.e. “You Don’t Look Fat You Look Crazy”), vivid jewels, colorful lips, an electrifying image of Abraham Lincoln, and even portraits of Longshore herself. The cherry on top is the giant “There is No Crying at Bergdorf Goodman” sign written in red glitter, hanging atop a sparkling pink banquette.

Oh, and guess what? Every piece of artwork that Longshore has created for the cafe is for sale! The pop artist’s extravagant window displays for Bergdorf’s earlier in the year were only the start of her collaboration with the luxury retailer. Now, she has concocted an exclusive collection of placemats, edibles, acrylic trays, and more to bring a burst of positivity into your own home. My fave pieces were definitely the chairs, though, which were either decorated with sequins or glitter; some even had the words “Time Out” written on the upholstery. The oversized, multi-colored butterfly chandelier was also a definite standout--I wanted to take it home with me right then and there!

Longshore even had her say on the updated menu for Palette at BG and decided to incorporate some succulent references to her hometown of New Orleans, LA on it. For example, the cafe now serves deviled eggs, a fried bologna sandwich inspired by La Petite Grocery in New Orleans, crab cake Benedict, and a confetti sundae. Yum!

Take a look at all of the pictures of this stunning space, and trust me on this one. Whether you are looking to get the perfect colorful capture for your Instagram feed, or just eager to indulge in the Gulf Coast cuisine, Longshore’s “cafe carnival” is a must-visit.

Ashley Longshore in Palette at BG

Palette at Bergdorf Goodman is located between 57th and 58th Street on 5th Avenue. The cafe is situated on the lowest level of the department store.