The Best Brows in Hollywood (And How to Get Them!)

As you scroll through your Instagram, there are a variety of things that may pop out to you. Maybe it’s the awesome filter someone put on their photo, a killer outfit, a gorgeous vacation aesthetic...or how about eyebrows? Come on, don’t lie...I know you all get envious when you see someone take the perfect selfie with on-point brows. But over the years, the definition of “the perfect brow” has expanded. Take the following celebrities for example, who leave us stunned by their fresh take on the look.

Let’s start with Shay Mitchell, the Pretty Little Liars star whose brows certainly don’t lie--they’re undeniably amazing. Mitchell’s eyebrows are famous for being super-shapely, setting the perfect example for what the arched style should be. In order to achieve this shape, I recommend that you fill in eyebrow gaps very carefully--follow the natural curve of your brow without coloring outside the lines. Noah Cyrus and Halsey’s makeup artist Daisy Dennis shares exclusively that she encourages her clients to “find an eyebrow pencil one shade later than their eyebrow hair.” That way, you get a very natural look, a la Shay.

Lily Collins is brow royalty! The celeb--who has played roles in popular movies like The Blind Side and The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones Clary--has made thick brows her trademark look. It’s hard to believe that as a teen, the star saw them as an insecurity rather than a beautiful quirk. Dennis says that now, people are embracing the style, and that thick eyebrows are the ultimate “2018 model look.” However, when trying to maintain a stunning, thick arch, it’s important to make sure that your brows don’t enter unibrow territory. Wax the area between your two brows every two to four weeks (depending on how fast your hair grows) in order to obtain a slick yet thick style. In an interview with me, founder and CEO of Uni K Wax Studios Noemi Grupenmager explained how waxing is a much better alternative compared to tweezing or threading: “Not only is waxing better for giving shape to the eyebrow, but it completely rids the eyebrow area of even the smallest and toughest hair, leaving only smooth skin behind.” However, before getting waxed, make sure that the solution is safe around your brows and won’t cause an allergic reaction. Uni K Wax has a natural elastic wax solution that can only be found in their studios: “Our wax is completely gluten-free. It’s also made from pine resin and beeswax, which is paraben free.” Not to mention, their store locations also offer special services for college students and teens that are targeted for people with sensitive skin! Still eager to use a product on your brows during the day? Dennis encourages the use of a clear brow gel every morning before you leave the house so that your hairs don’t look too unruly. Easy enough!

Speaking of unruly brows, Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr can totally relate. Her brows don’t like to behave at all times, however, they always tend to look amazing. The inner hairs of Kerr’s arch often look extremely long, compared to the perfectly shaped tail. In order to avoid this, try using a spoolie brush to comb the inner half of your brows upwards and trim any hairs that extend past the top. A small trim truly can make the world of a difference. Uni K Wax is also one of the only waxing salons that offers touch up services, which helps customers maintain perfect, arched brows in between waxing appointments. But during the day, make sure that if you use makeup on brows that tend to be thick towards the inner half, don’t overfill in that area with an eyebrow pencil. In fact, depending on your specific brow shape, you may not even need to fill in the inner half at all. Use your best judgment.

All hail Queen Angelina Jolie! The film icon--who has starred in a myriad of blockbuster movies such as Girl, Interrupted, Maleficent, and Mr. & Mrs. Smith--has brows that are thin and fierce! She proves that you can slay all day without having a perfect, filled-in arch. Nonetheless, you want to make sure that your brows aren’t so thin that they are almost invisible. Dennis encourages that if you want to stimulate eyebrow growth, you need to be consistent in taking your vitamins or try adding fish oil and collagen powder to your diet. She also let me in on a secret: “castor oil is the newest way to aid super-thin brows in 2018!” Grupenmager agreed, adding that the product is “a natural method that could help speed up the process.” Castor oil is proven to thicken and regrow brow hairs in as little as 5-6 weeks if you are consistent in applying it. People who leave it directly on their brows overnight as a part of their routine for that specified amount of time often see the best results.

Now here’s a brow look that may seem foreign to you (or judgment here!): ombre brows. Julia Michaels, who you may know from her number one single Issues, is familiar with the look: her eyebrows are often darker in the center and gradually turn lighter towards the tail end of the brow. Yet she still manages to make her brows look amazing, therefore, she deserves to be on my top list. However, there are a few important tips to remember so that your ombre look doesn’t go completely wrong. First of all, don’t get frustrated that the inner part of your arch is darker and decide to buy a pencil that color to fill in the rest of your’ll end up looking like Groucho Marx. Instead, embrace your uniqueness and make sure to frequently tweeze above and below your brows so the shape stays clean. Similar to the advice I gave about unruly brows, you should never fill in the inner part of your brows too much if it’s already dark. If you are trying to achieve the perfect arch, an eyebrow pencil is not the only option...a clear brow gel works perfectly fine for people with ombre brows.

After reading this guide to achieving perfect eyebrows and receiving the ultimate celeb brow-spiration, you should be ready to step out into the world with confidence. Remember to hold your stand straight, hold your head high, and smile, because your brows are on fleek.

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