Pardon Me? Poké Pizza?!

Looking for a healthy alternative to pizza? Look no further, poké pizza is here! Makai Poké Co. in Hoboken, NJ serves delicious poké bowls (served out of pineapples!) and poké burritos, where seaweed serves as an alternate for a tortilla and the inside consists of white rice and sustainably caught fish. However, the store is most famous for its use of seaweed, rice, and sushi stuffings in order to create a fresh take on pizza! Here’s how the “pizza slice” is made…

First, a machine pushes out square sheets of white rice stuck together, which are then topped with a square of seaweed. A pie cutter is then used to carve out a triangle shape that resembles a genuine pizza slice. In order to achieve the crust, the chef simply adds an uncut sushi roll across the top of the triangle (which you can feel free to tear off and eat by itself!). Each slice of poké pizza is completely customizable--customer favorites include spicy tuna and yellowtail slices!

It's time to ditch classic sushi rolls and head over to Hoboken to indulge in Makai Poké Co.’s most innovative treat ASAP.

Makai Poké Co. is located at 521 Washington Street in Hoboken, New Jersey. You can also visit its website: