A Fetish for Visible Lip Liner

Lip liners are cosmetic champions, ensuring the most precise application of lipsticks and prolonging the wear of any color on your pout. An essential part of a makeup kit, these pencils prevent bleeding and feathering, as well as contour your mouth to make them look even more luscious. The trend originates in the 1920s, when famed actress Clara Bow used lip liner to highlight her cupid’s bow and lower lip, leaving behind the doll-shaped pout she has come to be known for. The following decade, German-American actress Marlene Dietrich accentuated her cupid’s bow as well, and she darked her upper and lower lip curves to enhance its shape. In the 1960s, Marilyn Monroe adopted lip liner by over-lining the natural structure of her mouth, creating a flared look that ultimately appeared more luscious. Although the trend died down in the following years due to an increased tendency to flaunt a natural makeup look, it returned in full force in the 90s. During the decade, supermodel Naomi Campbell chose to trace her pout with a lipliner darker than her natural shade, unafraid to show off the contrasting colors. Fast forward to 2019, flaunting the intentionally-drawn border around your pout has never looked so chic, which is why celebs such as Jennifer Lopez are currently sporting the latest beauty craze. Before maxing out your month’s allowance on a collection of lip liners, check out Glam Masters runner-up Vic Brocca’s exclusive, top three tips on how to execute the trend perfectly.

  1. Purchase a lip liner darker than the color of your pout. “It should be about 3-4 shades darker than your natural lip shade,” Brocca recommends.

2. A little bit of blending is still necessary. “Take either your finger or a small brush and softly blend out the edges of the liner inwards towards the center of your lip,” says Brocca. “Don't blend above the lip, or it'll look really messy!”

3. Invest in a clear or nude lip gloss that helps the liner pop more. “It gives you an overall glossy, defined lip!” Brocca exclaims.

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