A Spa Oasis in the Middle of Maryland?!

In the heart of Harbor East in Baltimore, amidst a stunning parade of yachts, lies the ever-so-indulgent Four Seasons Spa. Although the space is located within the five-star luxury hotel’s Maryland location, it felt more like a relaxing spa retreat on an island paradise.

Before entering this peaceful nirvana, the front desk presented me with Energie bracelets they had for sale, designed with a drusy quartz bead pulling positive healing energies. They also carry a variety of spa products including lotions, moisture washes, scents, body oil, and more.

The first room I visited was titled the “Heat Experience.” The space houses a Vitality Pool, which serves as a jumbo-sized jacuzzi with bubble jets under its submerged chairs. After a quick dip, I rinsed off in a Rainforest Shower that had disco-like colored lights above it. To get my zen on before the treatment, I checked out the steam room and sauna and laid down on a wave-shaped, heated, tiled lounge chair.

As I waited for the aesthetician to call my name, I chilled out in the waiting area on a relaxing sofa with an issue of Vogue. Although I was interrupted six pages in, the facial treatment that followed was totally worth the intrusion.

I received the Four Seasons Signature Facial, a 50-minute treatment “to brighten and nourish skin, improve texture, tone, and increase cellular turnover." The Elemis products used were Infused with antioxidants, botanical extracts and vitamin C. It started off with a double cleanse—the second time with a vibrating brush—and was immediately followed by a soothing facial massage. As an Herbal Lavender Repair Mask was applied to my skin, cream and hot gloves were placed on my hands to help moisture penetrate deeper. Once the mask was complete, a serum and moisturizer concluded my facial.

Then it was back to the waiting room as the next aesthetician prepared for my mani/pedi...and I certainly didn’t mind the interlude. I sat on another wave-shaped lounge chair in the Relaxation Room, sipping fruit-infused water and snuggling up with a knit blanket until my name was called again.

I was led into another space where I chose from a selection of Deborah Lippman nail polishes for my service. The aesthetician gave me a heated neck cushion so I could relax while she scrubbed and buffed my feet and massaged my hands. In the end, my nails and toes had no smudges, all thanks to the paintbrushes she used to meticulously clean up the “coloring outside the lines.”

Leaving the Four Seasons Spa that day, I felt like I was floating on a cloud, with my face glowing and my metallic nails and toes gleaming. But most importantly, I was given a totally valid excuse to book the train to Baltimore again in the near future!

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Photo Credit: Four Seasons Hotel