Behind the Scenes of Indiana Massara's "That Day"

Indiana Massara of Brat’s Chicken Girls is breaking through the music industry with her new, hit single “That Day.” The tune is packed with strong vocals and a catchy, danceable beat that has especially resonated with the16-year-old’s 930K+ Instagram followers. Although Massara has released a slew of songs over the past year (“Apology;” “Smoke in My Eyes;” “Do Yourself a Favour”), this particular release shows a new side to the up-and-coming singer, demonstrating her desire to establish more of an urban vibe in her music. In an exclusive interview below, she shares the secrets behind producing “That Day,” as well as what you can expect from her in the future (hint: an EP!).

Congratulations on the release of “That Day!” Who or what was the inspiration behind the song?

I usually write or co-write my own songs, but "That Day" was a song I heard mostly finished and fell in love with. It was written by four super talented people, but the inspiration behind the song was basically how it feels on a rainy day. A lot of people expect songs to have some huge meaning, but sometimes you catch some feels and just want to write about anything that comes to your mind. The song is really relatable to things that have happened in the world and everything that's surrounded the past twelve months of my life. In general, I related to it a lot, and it seems like my audience has too.

How is “That Day” different from other songs you’ve released?

It's different than “Apology” because I actually co-wrote that song. I recorded and mixed and mastered “That Day” before I even had “Apology” in mind or in my hands. “That Day” sat with me for a while and we changed up production a bit. We changed up lyrics and we went back and forth on it. I was just really excited for it to finally be out versus “Smoke In My Eyes” and “Apology.” It was such a quick process because the minute we finished writing, we were like, “Okay, going into final mixing and mastering.” It happened so quickly because the song was something that was super current to the market. Plus, we just really enjoyed the song.

Describe the process of producing “That Day.”

I had input on a lot of elements of the song, including the final sound and speed. But overall, you open a beat for a producer and they'll go into a writing session, or we'll just discuss topics and we'll come up with melodies and lyrics. So, I could get a beat of a song, come up with a melody, then do the lyrics, or sometimes I could just have a melody in my mind and add a beat to it as I'm writing lyrics for it. I'm actually going into the studio tonight with a song and I'm going to write. We want to change a lot of the song so it caters more to me and who I am as an artist. It really just depends on the song, the session, and the vibe.

Did you have a special photo shoot for the song cover?

We did a photo shoot one day and we got a bunch of different looks in the bag. I can use them for all of my covers! That day was so much fun because I literally just went from straight long hair to short curly hair to having glowy, natural makeup to red lips and eyeliner. It was such a long day and had so many creative turns, but really, really fun. So, I used a lot of those pictures for my covers and I’m using them for anything that I'm working on currently.

What has the response been like from fans for “That Day?”

Amazing! Everyone thought it was pretty funny, actually, because it never rains in Los Angeles. There are always clear skies and it’s bright and sunny. My song contains the lyric, “That day it rained in Los Angeles,” and the week of my release, it actually rained in LA! It was such a special moment and monumental day because it never rains in Los Angeles. It actually rained for three weeks straight after that, and everybody was like, “Indie. That day it rained? More like that week it rained!” But, yeah, the response from my fans was really good, especially because I hadn’t released a song since “Apology.” It was amazing to see everybody listening to my new song and supporting it.

What kind of music can people expect from you in the future?

I don't want to give away too much, but I can say that I have been working a lot on different sounds and vibes. I’m really trying to perfect the kind of sound that I want. I've been working on a lot of urban vibes because right now, my songs are more pop with an urban edge. Recently, I've switched that. Fans should expect something a little different from me. I'm working on an EP right now, too, so that should be cool!

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