Dustin Kendrick Goes Behind the Scenes of The Bachelorette Season 15

The current recent season of ABC’s The Bachelorette is, as host Chris Harrison repeatedly calls it, “the most dramatic in Bachelor history.” Harrison has never been more correct: with screaming matches, cheating scandals, and more, Season 15 was particularly climactic, and contestant Dustin Kendrick was there to witness it all. The 30-year-old Real Estate Broker from Chicago, Illinois, first met Hannah Brown on Season 23 of The Bachelor’s “After the Final Rose” episode, captivating audiences with a romantic toast to “choosing each other every single day” over glasses of champagne. Kendrick made it all the way to week six in pursuit of Hannah Brown’s heart, being asked to leave after a rose ceremony in Scotland. Below, Kendrick walks through his journey on the show and considers whether he would do it all over again.

Why did you decide to submit to be on The Bachelor?

A coworker referred me. I first declined but later said, “Why not?” Best decision ever.

Do you believe in love at first sight?

I don’t. I think that love takes time and commitment. 

What was your first impression of Hannah?

I thought that she was sweet and drop-dead gorgeous.

What was your favorite date you went on and why?

The Roller Derby date, for sure. It was actually a lot of fun. Also, I got injured, and it helped me get more time with Hannah that night, which led to me receiving a group date rose. 

Who were some of your closest friends in the house?

I became close with the majority of the guys on the show. I had the deepest chats with Mike, Peter, and Tyler. 

What was the most challenging part about being on the show?

I struggled with opening up and coming out of my shell more than anything.

How do you feel about Hannah at this point in time?

I don’t think we give her enough credit. Being the Bachelorette is a tough spot to be in. I think she did great. 

Do you have any regrets?

I regret not coming out of my shell a lot sooner. Other than that, no regrets! 

Would you consider going on Bachelor in Paradise in the future?

 I would consider it. I had an amazing time with The Bachelorette. I have no reason not to if they ask me. 

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