Gianna Faith Skincare Delivers High-Quality Products to Teens

Social media influencer, actress, and model Gianna Ferazi has been pressed for the secrets to her flawless skin for years--now, with the release of her first-ever skincare brand, Gianna Faith Skincare, those who inquired can replicate her clear complexion. The collection--which features a face scrub, lip balm, and sponge--is dedicated to feeding your skin with the ingredients it needs to have you feeling most confident.

Compared to other beauty brands, Gianna Faith Skincare produces solely all-organic, practical products. “Each item is result-oriented, easy to use, and accessible to everyone,” says Ferazi. “Many people don’t have the time to go to a dermatologist, so I wanted to create high-quality products that help everyone at home.” Ferazi claims that she was always insecure about her complexion growing up but was taught to take care of her skin from a young age. “Skin health has always been an important part of my beauty routine, especially as someone who is a part of the acting and modeling industries,” she confirms. Hence why she is starting her own beauty brand sooner rather than later, proving to her peers that no one is ever too young to start caring for their skin.

Currently, the collection’s scrub, balm, and sponge--what Ferazi considers her “ride or die” products--form a clear-skin starter pack. Silk Scrub ($29.99), comprised of blood orange, alpha hydroxy acids, and walnut powder, gently exfoliates to instantly reveal younger, more radiant skin. Lip Balm (1 for $4.99 or 3 for $9.99), featuring a sweet vanilla scent, glides on effortlessly to deliver moisture and hydration, and it even comes with its own mirror compact. Skin Sponge ($8), made from microfiber, contains nanotechnology so that bacteria will not grow after using it to cleanse your face or body. “This [multi-purpose] sponge can be used with or without water to wash your face, take off a face mask, or remove a scrub!” Ferazi adds.

Gianna Faith Skincare, now working exclusively with compounding pharmacists, is changing the name of the game when it comes to teenage skincare. With just three products in its launch collection, the future is untold, but Ferazi ensures one thing: “We’re all about creating and maintaining healthy skin, and our brand will help teens the way nothing has before.”

Gianna Faith Skincare is available for purchase at