How to Pull Off the Perfect Prom Look

There’s nothing like the adrenaline rush of prom season, when teenage girls scramble to find the sweetest date, comfiest pair of heels, most exquisite accessories, and—of course—the perfect dress. Although finding the frock for you may seem stressful, it’s important to remember that there are options. Whether you’re inclined to go short, long, studded, or beaded, the list of prom dresses is endless. Need some more inspiration? Put your own spin In one of the top five prom trends for spring. Take a leap of faith, be bold, and no matter which outfit you end up choosing, always stay true to who you are.

Prom Trend #1: Pastels
Light pink, buttercup yellow, pale blue, and mint green are everywhere this season, no matter what style or silhouette. However, it’s important to style the rest of the look carefully, as a pale hue can wash out your skin. “Compliment your favorite pastel shade by adding metallic accessories,” celebrity stylist Samantha Brown suggests.  “Cool tones like light blue look great with silver, blush and nudes pair with rose gold, and warm hues look best with gold. When in doubt, a nude strappy heel will always work with pastels.”

Prom Trend #2: Brocade
Go gaga for this Great Gatsby-esque trend, which “adds a classic and timeless feel to any look,” says Forman. Opt for either a gown made entirely of brocade, or—if that’s too much for you—a dress with small details made of the fabric. To up the glam factor, “add a silver or gold heel and a dramatic drop earring,“ Forman recommends. 1920s vibes #achieved.

Prom Trend #3: Florals
Spring is in full bloom, so why not reflect it in  your style? “Florals are a great way to showcase your femininity,” Brown confirms. Although when dress shopping, pay careful attention to the scale of the print. “Petite frames look best in smaller florals while curvier ladies look great in larger prints,” says Brown. Pair with jewelry in a similar color family as your frock, and you’re all set!

Prom Trend #4: Subtle Sequins
When sporting this trend, your glam certainly won’t go unnoticed. But remember: you don’t need to go over the top on the sparkle if you don’t want to. “This season, you'll find embellishments on waistlines and on back and side details,” Jen Forman, Founder of teen dress rental site Charlotte's Closet explains. As for the accessories, “remember with all that sparkle, you won't need to accessorize beyond a classic shoe and small earring,” says Forman.

Prom Trend #5: Plunging Necklines
Show a little skin with a V-shaped neckline, a universally flattering trend that creates the illusion of a longer silhouette. The shape opens up your collarbones, enhancing your neck and drawing more attention to your face. In order to pull it off, “make sure to have the appropriate underpinnings,” Brown asserts. “Come armed with double stick tape, petals, or an adhesive bra if needed. This will ensure you can dance the night away without a wardrobe malfunction!” All heads will turn when you enter the room—that’s a given.