Jadah Marie’s Magical Turn in Disney’s Descendants 3

Fourteen-year-old Jadah Marie is about to put audiences under her spell. This past year, the actress snagged the role of Celia—the daughter of Dr. Facilier from The Princess and the Frog—in Disney’s Descendants 3 alongside seasoned actors Dove Cameron, Sofia Carson, Cameron Boyce, Booboo Stewart, China Anne McClain. With a charismatic sense of humor, powerful vocals, and believable acting skills, Marie is a scene stealer in the upcoming musical fantasy/action film, premiering August 2nd at 8/7c on Disney Channel. Prior to receiving her breakout role in the movie, the teen gained attention for her role as the sassy, young girl who faces off with Ryan Reynolds in the Deadpool 2 trailer.  Additionally, Marie played a series regular role on Bounce TV‘s Man and Wife, and she was also featured on CBS’ Blue Bloods. When she isn’t acting, Marie likes to dedicate her time to inspiring others through getting involved with numerous charities such as The Fashion FairyGodmother and Homeless & Foster Care Programs. Get to know Marie as she discusses all things Descendants.

When did you first develop your passion for acting?  

My passion for acting came about in a pretty funny way. My father Christian Redd is an actor, and when I was just three, he had to pick up something from his agency and just happened to bring me along. Of course, I was being “extra” and all over the place, and his agent looked down at me and said, “Hey, what about her, does she want to act?” My dad said, “I don’t know, we can try.” We did, and I loved it and have been acting ever since!

Who are some actors/actresses that inspire you?

My dad inspires me every day, as I see the hustle, drive, dedication, and love for his art that an actor must have to succeed. I also think ‪Zendaya‬ is awesome, not just because she’s an amazing singer and actress but because of her dedication to so many great causes.  

What was the audition process like for Descendants 3?

The audition process for Descendants 3 was amazing! It was so exciting. I decided to try out in a full-out Celia outfit: I had a curly wig and a cool, colorful outfit with coattails and a top hat fascinator, just like Dr. Facilier. I really wanted the director, Kenny Ortega, and the producers to see me as Celia. They asked us to sing and dance, so I choose my fave Dr. Facilier song, “Friends From the Other Side,” and finished with ‪Beyonce‬’s “Girls-Who Run the World.” It was a dream. Then I had a second audition with ‪Dove Cameron‬. She gave me a big hug and right away, I loved her.

Where were you and how did you react when you found out you were cast as Celia?

I was with my family when we found out I was cast as Celia, and we all just started screaming, hugging, and crying. It was the best day ever.

How are you and your character similar?

My character Celia and I are similar in so many ways. First, we are both daddy’s girls. Celia is funny, mischievous, and street smart, and she loves singing, dancing, and fashion, so we are definitely alike in that way.

What is it like working with the cast?

It’s literally a fairytale—a dream come true!  Many people don’t know this, but I was such a huge fan of the first two Descendants films! I loved all the music, dancing, and fashion. “Chillin’ like a Villain” is still my favorite song to this day.  When ‪the Descendants‬ 2 premiere was coming up, my dad told me about the Descendants‬ costume designer Kara Saun’s platform The Fashion FairyGodmother. Each premiere, she gives a group of deserving girls a fairytale make-over and invites them to walk the red carpet at the premiere. I was so excited, I screamed when I found out I would be one of those girls! Not only did I walk the red carpet in a super cute dress with my Fashion FairyGodmother, but I also got to meet ‪China Anne McClain, who I am a huge fan of‬. She was so nice and beautiful and took tons of pics with me.  I met all the cast, in fact: Dove, Sofia [Carson], Cameron [Boyce], and Booboo [Stewart], as well as Director Kenny Ortega. Of course, when I ask them about it now, no one remembers meeting me, but that's ok! It's a day I will never forget. It’s crazy to think about how one year I was at the red carpet premiere of Descendants 2 as the biggest fan ever and the next, I was in Vancouver working with the cast in the franchise. The cast was everything I thought they would be: welcoming, warm, fun, and amazing!

Any memorable behind-the-scenes moment you can share?

There are so many memorable moments from behind the scenes, especially during rehearsals. We would just laugh, clown around, and have so much fun. One of the most fun days was my birthday. The cast and crew threw a party on set with a big cake, and the wardrobe department decorated my trailer and left really great gifts.

What can fans expect from the new Descendants film? How does it differ from the previous ones?  

It’s monumental! It’s epic and just more of everything: bigger dance scenes, awesome music, and amazing fashion. I loved all my costumes. Kara is amazingly talented, and Kenny is a legend. I love Descendants 3, and I think the fans will too.

How do you plan on using your celebrity status to make a difference in the world?

For many years, my father would have me participate in the foster care system. Recently, I worked with The Fashion FairyGodmother platform, and we sponsored and worked with an amazing foster care program called Kids in the Spotlight. We even had the opportunity to costume 60 kids from 3 homeless shelters for Halloween. The kids were so happy and excited. I am so honored to be able to continue working and affecting kids in a positive way and shine the light on so many important causes.

What are your future plans?

To continue doing what I love. I just filmed a project in Budapest, Hungary, which I’m excited about. I have been in the studio working on my debut EP Album as well, and I can’t wait for the fans to hear. I’m also looking forward to ‪the Descendants‬ 3 premiere, of course!

This or That?

Maleficent or Evil Queen? Definitely Maleficent. I totally think she was misunderstood, I and love the horns and green complexion!

Apples or oranges? Oranges. I need my Vitamin C!

Movies or TV?  Movies! Everything’s better on a big screen.

Hawaii or The Bahamas? The Bahamas. I love traveling abroad and seeing new places.

Drama or comedy? Comedy. I love to laugh and show different sides of my acting.

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