MOODmatcher's Ultimate Beauty Breakthrough

We can all attest to serious mood swings--even your makeup is aware. MOODmatcher makes color-changing lipsticks that transform based on your body’s pH, providing you with a custom color (i.e. pink, coral, plum, or ruby) while locking in hydration for 12 hours.

First introduced in 1985 by Fran Wilson, the brand produces formulas (made in the USA) that begin as bright colors and convert into another vibrant hue based on your body’s chemistry. Once applied, the lipsticks are absorbed rapidly, taking a mere 30 seconds to project a new, bright pigment.  

Each personalized shade contains three key ingredients that balance, protect, and moisturize your pout as well: aloe vera, vitamin E, and skin protectants. The product is fade proof, kiss proof, smudge proof, water proof, and feather proof--not to mention, flattering on every skin tone.

With over 40 million MOODmatcher lipsticks worldwide, it’s no wonder the USA-based company has made a lasting impression on the beauty industry for its original idea. As the world of makeup continues to evolve, one thing’s for sure: the first-ever color-transformative lipstick will never be forgotten.

This article is a sponsored partnership with MOODmatcher.