PureWow’s Ever So Playful Office Tour

Looking to stay updated on today’s most popular topics for Millennials and Generation Z? Try turning to PureWow. Founded in 2010, the digital lifestyle brand owned by Gallery Media Group is “focused on making positivity louder.” PureWow is dedicated to finding ways for life to be “more inventive, beautiful, and manageable” and publishes content ranging from fashion, beauty, home decor, and recipes to entertainment, travel, technology, literature, and money. I am constantly inspired by their array of knowledge and ability to “elevate your everyday,” so when I was invited by Senior Beauty Editor Jenny Jin to tour the lively office, I was ecstatic to go behind the scenes.


Located in Downtown Manhattan, the headquarters has floor-to-ceiling windows with breathtaking views of the city skyline. Employees sit at desks in an open floor plan, but they also have the option of relaxing on comfortable couches overlooking the Hudson River at their leisure.

Staff members are invited to use the headquarters’ main kitchen during work hours. Featuring kombucha and cold brew on tap, a sparkling water machine, and foosball, the space is also a popular spot for PureWow events and panels.

As I toured the office, I couldn’t help but notice the adorable tchotchkes randomly placed around the space. There was a giant crayon sticking out of a desk, telephone booths where people indulge in privacy, and a giant beauty blender once filled with smaller versions of the actual product.

Each conference room inside the office was dedicated to a different theme such as the Jets, “Where’s Waldo,” a wine library, and Full House (with John Stamos wallpaper). Additional meeting spaces are named after figures that empower the PureWow team including Oprah, Meryl Streep, and Ina Garten.  

After passing through hallways filled with brainstorm posters and book deliveries, Jin led me to an unexpected area of the office: the bathroom. She explained how their headquarters is known for its well-lit lavatory, and how PureWow even posts Instagram stories there on occasion. When showing followers desk essentials or quick beauty tutorials, the media company resorts to the restroom as the perfect filming location on the fly.

As my tour came to a close, I recognized the dual-significance of the media company’s name: not only is their website content “pure wow,” but their headquarters is as well.

Check out PureWow’s website at www.purewow.com.