The Best Fragrances to Woo Your Boo this Valentine’s Day

Never mind chocolates. And red roses. And all the gifts that have become the norm for “Valentine’s Day.” In 2019, the international celebration of love is less about a lavish display and more about taking simple actions to make our “BAES” feel happy. One of the best ways to send Cupid’s arrow straight into your loved one’s heart? By picking out the perfect fragrance to wear for your Valentine’s Day festivities.

Researchers at the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago conducted a study where men sniffed 30 different fragrances; using a plethysmograph to measure changes in volume inside the body, it was concluded that fragrance aroused them. The results are consistent with today’s top male influencers as well: “To me, how a person smells is so important. When a person smells good, I swear it makes them one-hundred times more attractive,” confirms Brandon Pikulinski, an international fashion model who has walked for Calvin Klein, Phillip Lim, and DSquared2. Peter Cestaro, a singer and social media influencer, agrees: “A beautiful scent on a girl definitely gets my blood flowing. When a girl wears the same perfume all the time and I catch a whiff in public, it will remind me of that certain someone.”

Scientists have proven, however, that the scent most likely to stimulate feelings of love is one that puts you in a good mood. In other words, although it’s important that your boo enjoys getting a whiff, the fragrance should ultimately please you. Sue Phillips, Fragrance Designer and CEO of DIY perfume emporium Scenterprises, asserts that “quite often, people select a fragrance based on the latest launch, or a fragrance that their favorite celebrity wears, but does not necessarily suit their personality. The way to select a fragrance that truly suits the wearer is to identify the ingredients and the scent they love. The idea is to love a fragrance from the beginning to the middle and to the dry down.” At Scenterprises, Phillips even offers a personalized experience where you and your loved one can design a custom fragrance together. “The best way to determine your olfactive preferences is to understand the fragrance family you prefer and to have a professional fragrance designer create your very own Bespoke Fragrance,” Phillips insists. “Every time you both encounter the scent, you will be reminded of your special love!”

But in case you’re short on time and aren’t able to schedule a visit to Scenterprises, male influencers offer some advice on what fragrances to scope out. “I just love Clinique's My Happy™ Peace & Jasmine, which has a slight lemony scent combined with lavender and jasmine,” says Erich Schuett, a SAG/AFTRA-certified actor and singer. “When a girl is wearing it, I assume she’s a really fun person to hang out with.” Pikulinski, on the other hand, has a pricier taste in perfume. “I love when my girlfriend wears Yves Saint Laurent’s Black Opium Eau De Parfum,” he asserts. “It isn’t super overpowering—I highly recommend it!”

So keep in mind: showing up to a date smelling delicious might be the most enticing gift of all. Who knows? The perfect fragrance could hold the key to bringing you closer to your significant other this Valentine’s Day.

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