Time to Raid Your Boyfriend's Closet

Menswear-inspired clothing for women has become a force in the fashion industry--maybe even stronger than the one Luke Skywalker uses. Women are embracing a traditionally “masculine” aesthetic to shatter gender norms, bolster confidence, and elevate their girl boss status instantaneously.

Designers have long-been drawing inspiration from mens’ suiting for their womenswear collections. In Ralph Lauren’s 1995 runway show, models were sent down the runway in outfits that looked like they could have been borrowed from their boyfriends closet (nothing wrong with that!). The line featured double-breasted, tailored coats; lots of trousers; and in general, a neutral color palette.

Years later, in Givenchy’s Fall/Winter 2001-2002 Collection, models strutted down the catwalk in power suits, collared shirts, and ties. The designer also added indirect references to feminine fashion in the form of heels, mini handbags, and even fabric trains made out of lace.

Balenciaga decided to incorporate the menswear aesthetic for its women’s collection the following year. In its Fall/Winter 2002-2003 runway show, a model sported a boiled houndstooth jacket with navy cotton canvas stonewashed pants and brown pumps. Paired with natural hair and makeup, it’s safe to say that masculine clothing never looked so chic.

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The popularity surrounding this trend has certainly not slowed down since then. In Dolce & Gabbana’s Fall ‘18 Ready-to-Wear Collection, an oversized tuxedo--made from pink floral fabric to add a feminine flare--and a ruby red brocade suit were standouts. Classic pinstripe suits with vests, ruffled tuxedo shirts, ties and bow ties, were also a special way that the designer paid homage to menswear.

On Prada’s Spring ‘18 Ready-to-Wear runway, collared shirts peeked out under vests, blazers, trench coats, and oversized dresses. Even though the blue-striped top and pink brocade midi frock didn’t mesh perfectly, Prada’s empowering statement about breaking gender norms spoke loud and proud through the collection.

Dior’s Fall ‘18 Couture Collection comprised of the ultimate ode to menswear: a gold-dusted pantsuit. The double-breasted top--which also had a peplum to up the feminine factor--paired perfectly with the light-catching tailored trousers. The glimpse of a beige, collared shirt underneath was also a clever, masculine touch.

Not only has menswear been taking over runway shows, but female celebs have also been embracing the boundary-breaking trend in full-force. Stars such as Kim Kardashian, Zendaya, Emma Watson, and Alexa Chung have proudly worn tuxedos and suits to red carpet events, award shows, and even as a part of their street style wardrobe.

Feeling a little envious of your boyfriend’s closet now? Just borrow the tie out of his drawer while he’s asleep.

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