Trend Scouting: Knotted Headbands

Knotted headbands are making a major comeback this season, serving both functional (keeping hair pushed back in the midst of summer sweat) and aesthetic purposes that brand them high-demand. “These headbands add depth to any outfit, and they are the perfect accessory to any ensemble,” notes Project Runway Junior alumni Hawwaa Ibrahim. Perhaps this is why the style dates back to between 475 BC and 330 BC when ancient Greeks donned hair wreaths to dress up their looks on special occasions. Etruscans and Romans adopted wreaths around the same time as well, adorning them with gold and silver jewels. In the 20th Century, the design was given a major update: the 1960s era featured strips of cloth wrapped around working-class women’s hair (to protect from industrial smog and rain) while 1970s hippies wore tie-dye and paisley bandanas. Even Princess Jasmine tried the trend, sporting an aqua blue headband with a central sapphire in the iconic Disney movie.

This summer, headbands are back in full force with a knotted style leading the way. Meghan Ross—blogger and founder of clothing boutique Yourdarlingstyle—manufactures the design and puts her own spin on it: “I chose to attach bigger and a greater variety of pearls to make my headbands unique and different from the others you have seen this season. I have also seen a lot of these headbands retail in the $100 price range, and my accessory is a more affordable option.” The design, which also channels Blair Waldorf of Gossip Girl’s classic, chic sense of style (the character had one for every occasion), is best when paired with solids so the accessory can really shine. “I think that the headbands look amazing with a solid white or any solid color dress,” says Ross. “You can also wear them casually and style them with a cute band tee and high waisted linen shorts.” Ibrahim seconds the notion: “Knotted headbands pair best with almost anything. I personally love seeing them paired with high waisted shorts and button-up shirts for that 1950s feel.”

No matter how you chose to embrace the trend, always stay true to Waldorf’s wise words: “Fashion is the most powerful art there shows the world who we are and who we’d like to be.” So break out your knotted headband under the summer sun and don’t be afraid to express yourself—believe me, Blair would be proud.