Wellness Rooted Within Beauty

Your beauty routine is probably packed with dozens of skincare products that you blindly slather on...but what ingredients are you really putting on your face? It’s a question that we often avoid answering, but plant-based skincare company Planted in Beauty by Well Within deals with that query for you. Each product in their company is derived from natural sources, contains organic ingredients, and is free of chemicals and toxins, yet still consists of anti-aging properties.

To maximize consumer safety and sustainability, Planted in Beauty was given multiple third-party certifications: Ecocert for Cosmos Cosmetics Standard, EWG VERIFIED, Leaping Bunny, and Vegan Action. “We have intentionally selected the most environmentally responsible, efficacious ingredients needed to maximize performance, benefits, and texture,” co-founder Renee Tavoularis explains. “Our philosophy is if it doesn’t exist in nature, it is not in our products. It’s paramount to us that Planted in Beauty upholds an eco-responsible approach from plant seed to end product.”

Besides lacking toxic insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, and fertilizers, the packaging of their products benefits the environment as well. Each item from the collection is packaged in an eco-friendly pump to further promote the brand’s integrity.

Not only are the company’s products green, but they are innovative as well--take their Purify + Condition Makeup Remover for example. The two-in-one product removes all traces of makeup (even waterproof types) while using macadamia nut and apricot oil to infuse skin with moisture.

Their Polish + Resurface Detox Exfoliator is another unexpected concoction. Unlike most exfoliators, this product removes dulling surface cells and refines pores without harsh abrasives that irritate the skin. The herbaceous plant extracts of Great Burdock ‘planted’ within this product leave a soft, ultra-hydrated finish.

After cleansing, the company’s Nourish + Protect Antioxidant Moisturizer is the best way to lock in hydration. The product--infused with passion flower and alpine blue flax--uses antioxidants in order to protect the skin and prevent it from being exposed to environmental damage.

So what’s up next for this top-level organic beauty brand? Only time will tell, but the company ensures that they will continue to offer those in search of wellness skincare solutions that promote just that. “True wellness and beauty are created from the inside out and outside in,” says co-founder Lynne Florio. “With this collection, wellness seekers can finally embrace--not fight--healthy aging...and even celebrate it.”