Hair + Makeup Artist Daisy Dennis Has Star Quality!

Celebrity hair and makeup artists do not have it easy. Whether they’re on a movie set fixing a diva’s flyaway hairs in between takes or touching up a star’s blush in sub-zero temperatures during the filming of the next small-screen hit, they must have the patience of a saint. Daisy Dennis--who has done hair/makeup for the reality show Dance Moms, red carpet events for Noah Cyrus, Lindsey Stirling, and Joey Graceffa, and magazine covers for musicians like Halsey--handles her work with grace and unwavering passion. I know this because she did my hair and makeup twice for dance photoshoots in Los Angeles. Despite the 90° weather, Dennis never took a break, standing right behind the photographer with makeup wipes in hand, just in case my mascara ran under my eyes. I was also always impressed by Dennis’ strategies when it came to beauty looks, which probably stemmed from eight years of doing her job professionally! Today, she is followed by some of pop culture's most influential bloggers and celebrities, including Bebe Rexha, Tati Westbrook, Arden Rose, and Tina Louise. Below, you will find my interview with Dennis where we discuss beauty myths, top products, and even play a little game of “this or that...”

Carrie: Hi, Daisy! I’m so excited for this interview. I know that you have a ton of wisdom when it comes to the beauty world that you can offer to my readers. Ready to begin?

Daisy: Yes, let’s do it, babe.

Carrie: How do you think the beauty world has evolved over the past couple of years?

Daisy: We have more precise and accurate colored products, better tools, and we are not afraid to go overboard. It’s innovative, socially acceptable, and achievable with limitless access and knowledge.

Carrie: So glad to hear that! Now, I’m asking on behalf of all of the women in America, what is the secret to doing makeup on the run? Especially if you’re in a car or a subway…

Daisy: Always have a small touch up bag with blotting powder, mascara, and lip gloss or lip plumper in it! No secret tricks other than to always expect the unexpected.

Carrie: And how about a quick and easy hairstyle for people to do when they’re on the go?

Daisy: A high ponytail with a piece of hair wrapped around the hairband. It makes a world of a difference...never let anyone see your hair tie!

Carrie: Gotcha! Let’s talk tricks. Do you have a secret to achieving the perfect smokey eye?

Daisy: Good products! Primer, primer, primer, and a good blending brush!

Carrie: Haha. It’s so interesting how primer used to be for your face but now everyone is really focusing on using it in the eye area! Anyways, next question: what are your number one hair and makeup products at the moment?

Daisy: My number one hair product line is Oribe. Their products smell good and work really well. My number one makeup product is my Tom Ford Traceless Foundation Stick!

Carrie: Okay, currently adding those to my shopping list. I’ve also been thinking about buying some hair accessories lately since they seem to be very popular. Jennifer Lawrence wore the most gorgeous flower crown to a movie premiere this past September. Do you have a favorite hair accessory?

Daisy: Personally, I don’t have hair accessories. Unless a good brimmed hat counts!

Carrie: That totally counts in my book! Now there’s this huge beauty myth that I wanted to get to the bottom of. Is too much heat styling really that bad for your hair?

Daisy: It is bad. So style your hair but don’t wash it for a few days and leave that style. Use dry shampoo if necessary and heat protecting products beforehand. I’d say use a heating tool only once a week.

This or That:

Daisy gave Kendall Vertes (Dance Moms) "au naturel" brows

Daisy gave Kendall Vertes (Dance Moms) "au naturel" brows

The no-makeup makeup look or full-on glam?
Full-on glam. Just like the quote states, “you can never be overdressed but you can be underdressed

Ponytail or messy bun?

Power brows like Cara Delevingne or au naturel like Gigi Hadid?

Glitter makeup or heavy metal makeup?

Beach waves or updo?
Beach waves!