Winter White

When Meghan Markle’s winter white wrap coat from Canadian brand Line the Label broke the internet, it caused a snowball effect. White--a color that blends perfectly with the snowy background of the winter months--has become a color of prestige and royalty (fitting for Markle as she tries to prove to the world that she is worthy of the “Princess” title). The hue also represents a clean slate, which all of us long to have as the New Year is still just beginning.

One of my favorite Winter looks that I wore so far happens to be a Belted Walker Coat in white with gold buttons from Michael Kors. I paired it with a white fiddler cap from Nordstrom’s and black velvet leggings from Chick by Glossy. It was the perfect outfit to set against the backdrop of one of NYC’s best winter destinations...The Rink at Rockefeller Center.

I was thrilled to have the opportunity to visit the VIP igloo at the rink. The first-class experience is pure magic; people with a premium pass are able to get on the ice immediately after enjoying Christmas cookies and hot chocolate in the warm, enclosed space. The skate session lasts 90 minutes, with complimentary skates included. For $60, you can be a part of the magic too--just make sure to go check it out before the experience ends on February 25th!

The Rink at Rockefeller Center

The VIP Igloo at Rockefeller Center

Although solid white is mostly seen in coats at the moment (thanks Meghan), it's also being incorporated into slip-on shoes, bracelets, sweaters, and more. Check out some of my fave winter white picks below--and trust me, the princess-inspired white coats are definitely worth the splurge.

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