Thanks to Ashley Longshore, There is No Crying at Bergdorf Goodman

After Bergdorf’s showstopping holiday windows this past December, inspired by New York City’s cultural institutions, I wasn’t sure if the January windows would be able to reach the high bar that was set. But, boy, was I wrong. The displays--exhibited from January 9th to February 27th--feature the department store's exclusive partnership with Ashley Longshore, a vibrant, Louisiana-based painter with a clever eye for mixing art and humor. Her painting in the window, which says “There is No Crying at Bergdorf Goodman” serves as the inspiration for the brightly colored windows that can’t help but radiate positive energy. They feature giant glitter nails, a Tiffany blue chair embellished with bedazzled butterflies, small, square paintings of faces, and gorgeous floral dresses. 

Longshore’s artwork displayed on the 7th floor of the department store is equally wow-worthy. The exhibit happens to be the first ever at Bergdorf's to be dedicated to a solo female artist. Her paintings have a cohesive glitter-meets-comedy theme (I took a picture in front of one that says “Little Miss Muffet Became Warren Buffett and Stacked Up Her Own Money Honey”). There was even one that had “Work Hard Eat Carbs Spend Money” spelled out in red bling! Yet among the brilliant puns were stunning bedazzled butterfly sculptures that took my breath away. I, particularly, was enamored with a large painting of Audrey Hepburn with a peacock resting on her head. Jewels were expertly placed in certain areas of the painting, such as the bird's feathers, to make it pop. Many historical icons were depicted in Longshore's art as well, including Abraham Lincoln and Winston Churchill (picture with Care!). 

Ashley Longshore and Blake Lively

Christian SirianoJune Ambrose, Linda Fargo, and Blake Lively are also fans of her artwork and attended the opening of the exhibition. Lively described Longshore as “fabulous, fun, empowered" and "one of [her] favorite artists.” Lively also carried the Judith Leiber X Ashley Longshore lipstick clutch when attending the event that evening, which is made out of rainbow-colored jewels and spells the word “Make.” Since Longshore is clearly slaying the fashion industry right now with her artwork, I interviewed her to get the inside scoop on how she got her start, her excitement about Bergdorf’s, and her ultimate dream collaboration.

When you got your start as an artist in New Orleans? What it was about art that appealed to you?

I started painting 22 years ago in college, but I got started as an artist in New Orleans 14 years ago. I loved the idea of being able to express myself in whatever way I wanted--making art makes me feel brave.

How would you describe your design aesthetic?

Bold and unapologetic!

What makes your art unique?

They are my thoughts. My interpretation of the world!

What is your favorite piece of artwork you’ve ever created?

Darn. This is hard. I love all of them but I really love the ones with text.

Do you have a dream collaboration in mind?

Yes. With a major luxury fashion brand. LV, Gucci, Chanel...

How do you feel about your art being displayed in Bergdorf's windows and as an exhibit on the 7th floor? Was it always a goal of yours?

That was incredible! A dream come true. Overwhelming and amazing in every way...and humbling.

Any future plans?

Yeah, tons and tons! I’m just getting started!

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