Exclusive: Astrid Loch's Bachelor in Paradise Confessional

This past season of Bachelor in Paradise was filled with loads of drama and tears, but at the heart of it all, various couples found the love they hoped to encounter on their second go-around with the franchise. Contestant Astrid Loch--who was previously on Nick Viall’s season of The Bachelor--fell head over heels for Bachelor Winter Games alumni Kevin Wendt...only to have her heart broken the day of the intimate fantasy suite date. Loch and Wendt were considered one of the strongest couples in Paradise as of the first week there, leaving the show’s viewers both confused and shocked by the breakup. Loch was equally blindsided hearing Wendt tell her she’s “the brightest star I’ve ever met...but something’s missing.” However, after the show ended, Loch and Wendt rekindled their relationship and are back on track in rebuilding their connection. Is a future proposal still possible? In an exclusive interview with Carrie’s Chronicles, Loch answers all burning questions previously left unanswered about her romantic journey with Wendt:

What were your expectations going into Bachelor in Paradise?

I was hoping to meet some new people, have some fun, maybe get a little tan, and potentially meet someone I vibed with. I never imagined I would meet someone like Kevin that I had such a strong connection with. While in Mexico, I would always say how my expectations were exceeded and how lucky I felt to be given that opportunity.

How would you describe your first day there? Was it what you expected?

The first day was a bit scary, especially because I didn't know any of the cast members going into this season. But overall, I was just excited to finally make it down to the beach and experience Paradise for myself. I felt like I had a small advantage in that my friends had all been on the previous season and prepared me for it, so I was almost like a veteran going into it.

How did you and Kevin first meet there? Was the connection instant?

Kevin and I met on the first day, but it was just a brief hello where we introduced ourselves. He and I are both similar because we observe a lot--we were both more on the quiet side on the first day. I immediately got close to Bibi and she had known Kevin from Bachelor Winter Games, so on the second day there, she mentioned to both of us that we should get to know each other. Kevin pulled me aside for a conversation that day and we talked for hours. The connection was instant.

You and Kevin didn’t have a date in Paradise for a long time. How did you keep your relationship active?

The nice thing about Paradise vs The Bachelor is that even when you don't get a date, you are still getting to spend time with the person you're wanting to get to know more. Being on that beach felt like I was on vacation with my boyfriend. Plus, we got to watch everyone else's drama, so there was always entertainment. After a few weeks, we did go a little stir crazy, but Kevin set up a date for me on the beach where he wrote out a date card. It was all about "Sunset & Chill" with a wooden TV and candy. The fact that he set it up himself actually made the whole thing more special.

What was the most challenging part about being in a relationship in Paradise?

The hardest part about Paradise was trying not to compare your own relationship to others. There would be couples everyone thought were solid that would all of a sudden flip a switch and break up, so it was difficult to not worry about your own relationship.

Was there a lot of pressure on you and Kevin because you were considered one of the strongest couples there?

I wouldn't say there was a lot of pressure, but it was definitely hard not to jump ahead when we constantly had people comparing themselves to us. We always had to make an effort to ground ourselves and not let others influence us.

Right before the fantasy suite date, Kevin broke your heart and blindsided you. What was your initial reaction? How did you cope?

My initial reaction was just to get off that beach. I couldn't process what was happening and needed to get away to think clearly. I flew to Charlotte to stay with my best friend Malissa and hid away for a few days before I told anyone I was back home. My mom flew into town as well, so I leaned on her to help me sort through all my feelings regarding that last day on the beach in Mexico.

How did you and Kevin reconnect?

Kevin reached out to me immediately after we left Mexico. I took a day to myself before I spoke to him and heard him explain himself. I wanted to talk to him before I shared everything with my friends and family because I didn't want anyone to cloud my judgment with their opinion. When we spoke, we both knew we needed to have this conversation in person, and later that week, Kevin booked a ticket to come and see me. When he came to Charlotte and we saw each other, we knew the spark was still there and we just took it day by day to figure out where we wanted the relationship to go.

On the reunion show, you and Kevin officially confirmed your relationship. How did you two talk out your differences?

We both took the time between the end of filming and the reunion to figure out what we both wanted from this relationship as individuals. By the time we filmed the reunion, we both knew we wanted to be together, but we also wanted the show to be done before we jumped into anything. There was never a time when we weren't in touch as the show was airing and our priorities were always to each other.

Where do you and Kevin stand now? What’s next in your relationship? 

Kevin and I are doing great right now and enjoying spending time with each other. We've been together in Toronto and have traveled since the finale aired, meeting each other’s friends and family as well. We both have several trips booked to see each other throughout the rest of the year, trying to make the distance as little as possible. Once the new year comes, I will start moving some of my stuff into his place and will be spending most of my time in Toronto.

Do you see a future proposal from Kevin?

We're taking things slow and enjoying dating each other without all of the pressure of engagement we had in Paradise. We are, however, both in the stage of our lives where we want to get married and start a family, so we've definitely talked about it happening down the road.