How to Sport the Bold Makeup Trend this Fall

Gone are the days of no makeup-makeup...people are finally risking to go bold with their beauty, no strings attached. Whether you choose to acknowledge the trend through studs, colors, or textures in your makeup, I promise that you’ll feel equally as confident as you did when you stepped out with a fresh face. But just in case you’re afraid of where to begin, below are five different ways to rock the trend so you can get a head start.

1. Bold Lips
A bold lip is an easy way to upgrade your makeup look this fall, no matter what hue you choose (pink, coral, and red are my faves). “[The look is] so refreshing," says Jenny Jin, Senior Beauty Editor at PureWow. "Especially since we’ve seen the no makeup-makeup looks for so long, it’s fun to see the opposite side of the spectrum.”

2. Updated Eyeliner
Toodaloo to tight’s time to switch up your traditional tactic. Although this method is not as easy to master as the bold lip, with a little practice (and a whole lot of confidence!), it can be achieved. Victoria Stiles--a celebrity makeup artist whose work has been featured in Vogue Italia, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, and TIME--says that her tip for taking on the trend would be to “enhance the eyeliner technique you currently do now. Go a little thicker on the outer corners of the eye or play with a more dramatic winged liner. For advanced users, go for geometric shapes which frame the eye or, my favorite, a tiny heart shape in the outer corners for a fun look.”

3. Embellished Eyes
Embellishments on the eyelids, outer corners, or even under the eye can instantly up the ‘it’ factor of your makeup. To try the trend, “many lines now offer glitter eyeshadows and accessories which can be attached by using DUO glue, a surgical adhesive used for false eyelash application which is safe for use around the eye area,” says Stiles. But there’s one thing you have to keep in mind before going full-on glam: “If you choose to embellish the eyes, go softer on the rest of the face to keep the focus on the sparkles.”

4. Colored Brows
For those of you who are ready to dive face first (literally) into the trend, vibrant brows are for you. Although the method initially seems more avant-garde than everyday, you’d be surprised to hear that Girls’ Life Magazine sent models down the runway with their brows painted either blue, red, yellow, or pink at their Back-to-School Fashion Bash. In order to incorporate it into your makeup routine, “take any bold eyeshadow color and swipe it through your brows using an angled brush,” Stiles suggests. To top it off, “pair the look with nude or soft glossy lips.”

5. Clumpy Lashes
Wait, what? Doesn’t clumpy mascara mean that the product has reached its expiration date? Nope. Clumpy lashes are quite high fashion, and can definitely add a dramatic effect to your look. Give it a whirl by adding multiple layers of mascara, allowing time for the formula to set in between. Stiles recommends pairing the clumpy lashes with method number one, the bold lip, for an even bolder statement...because why not dare to be different this season?