Jaden Smith: Bridging the Gender Gap

Jaden Smith, the son of famous parents Will and Jada Pinkett Smith, is a new and refreshing voice when it comes to the gender norms that surround the fashion world. Not only was the 17-year-old featured as the first male cover model for the fashion and beauty issue of Nylon Magazine, but he was the face of Louis Vuitton’s Spring/Summer 2013 women’s collection. The Karate Kid star often showcases his gender fluidity by wearing skirts and dresses in campaigns, despite the potential for controversy.

Smith hopes that by wearing what's long been considered traditional "female" attire, all of the criticism will be directed towards him. Wait...why would anyone want to be deliberately targeted? Selfless Jaden hopes that in years to come, people will be used to seeing males in gender-neutral clothing, and other teenage boys won’t have to suffer from harsh judgment. Smith is extremely brave in making himself the bait for haters, as well as allowing all the controversy be targeted towards him. Although Jaden’s father told BBC Radio 1Xtra that “it’s really terrifying...he doesn’t concern himself with what people think,” Jaden will not stop being uniquely himself anytime soon. He is living proof that this generation of teens is prepared to rise up and help this world heal our deeply rooted social wounds once and for all. The reckoning is slowly approaching...Smith is just one of the first to see it’s almost here.

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