Diandra Barnwell: Girl Boss

As this article’s title states, Diandra Barnwell--former brand coordinator at Cosmopolitan Magazine and current fashion/beauty influencer and activist--is truly a girl boss. Her frequent Instagram posts of her fitness routines, fashion events, and beauty collaborations prove that there’s truly nothing she can’t do. When I first met her at a charity event that I was hosting at Henri Bendel for No Bully, I was immediately inspired by her class and kindness in promoting the cause. We met for dinner about a month later and she gave me incredible advice about my blog and the world of public relations (she had great ideas for what to stuff in goody bags for parties!). I decided to feature Barnwell because I knew that what she would have to say would positively influence your lives as well…

How would you describe your own personal style?

My personal style is classic and sexy. I love tailored, bodycon silhouettes that highlight my figure. I'm petite yet curvy, so I tend to stay away from anything too billowy. I will incorporate trendy pieces, but for the most part, I stick to the classics that work for me and for my body. Victoria Beckham, Carine Roitfeld, Kim Kardashian, and Karla Deras are my style icons.

What is a current style staple piece or trend that you think people should embrace?

My current staple piece is a heeled thigh high boot. They go with everything and they keep my legs warm now that it’s freezing! I have ones with a block heel that are super comfortable and dress up any outfit. They are a must! As far as trends go, I'm loving that athletic wear is acceptable to wear outside of the gym. I've always been the girl who travels and spends weekends in athletic wear, so the fact that this trend has made a comeback makes me very happy. It’s also an easy way to be comfortable but still look put together.

What message are you trying to spread through your platform?

The most important messages to me are inclusivity, positivity, and the importance of giving back. I love the industry I work in but it’s an industry that values hierarchy, pedigree, and exclusivity. I've had all of those things used against me, so I hope to encourage young people to go forth in their aspirations despite any negative connotations brought about by an outdated style of thinking. I also try to exude positive energy in all that I do. I'm a strong believer in putting the energy into your work, your relationships, and your life that you want to receive in return. Life is too short to do anything other than find the good in all you do, and also see the good in people! Finally, giving back is probably the most important message. I go into everything I do with the intention to share the wealth, knowledge, or lesson with the people around me. Whether it’s mentoring other girls, giving time to my non-profits, or just taking the time to listen to someone in need, I try to do my part in empowering others! If I can help one person, then I've done my job.

What do you see in the future of fashion and beauty?

I see the industry becoming more diverse. There is still so much work to be done, but I feel like there are influencers and tastemakers using their platforms as a way to change standards and status quos. I love witnessing the change and I hope to contribute to it.

What’s your #1 beauty recommendation?

My number one beauty suggestion will always be sunscreen! I'm diligent about applying it, and even if I'm not going to be in the sun or even outdoors, I still wear sunscreen! That and a good lipstick--in a pinch you can use it as blush and eyeshadow. My Mamma taught me that one.

What are your future plans?

More TV for sure. I have a huge project in the pipelines that I'm thrilled about. It's going to be a game changer and I can't wait for people to see it! I'm launching a lifestyle website, taking my YouTube channel to the next level, working on meaningful projects with my non-profits, accumulating more brand ambassadorships, and making the Diandra Barnwell brand a household name. Just to name a few!

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