Galeria Melissa: Where Art Meets Fashion

Soho is the neighborhood that perfectly captures the urban essence of NYC. People flock to the area to go on a scavenger hunt for Instagrammable graffiti walls, pop-up shops, and visit the famous outdoor food market “Smorg Square.” But in the midst of it all, a gallery stands at 500 Broadway. From the survey results on my website, I saw that “Instagram-Worthy Spots” was a common request. Your wishes have now been granted: you will likely be the first among your friends to snap pics at the 100% Instagram-worthy Galeria Melissa.

The store in Lower Manhattan is part art gallery, part boutique, but is known for its frequently changing exhibitions, installations, and guest artists. When I walked past the gallery, a giant LED tunnel with flashing neon hues immediately drew me in. However, I had no idea that when I entered the store, I would engage in what the gallery calls “a multi-sensory immersion.” Melissa Galeria is constantly collaborating with designers to create an artsy, innovative experience inside the store. How cool is that?

Besides the exceptional art installations, Melissa Galeria happens to sell shoes and accessories...with a twist. Each retail item is made out of plastic and smells like bubblegum! So now, you never have to worry about having smelly shoes again! They even have pairs for babies!

The displays in the gallery that hold the shoes and accessories have secret, hidden meanings behind them. In the back of the store, items are placed up against a backdrop of live green leaves that serve as an ode to Melissa’s nature-filled native country of Brazil. Greek columns, inspired by the architectural ones on the streets of Lower Manhattan, hold certain products as well.

The shoes and accessories themselves are quite exquisite. Specifically, a pair of silver flats with a black and white sketch of Wonder Woman on the front of the shoe stood out among the rest. Although, it’s hard to avoid bubble-gum scented sequin flats…

Whether you choose to visit the location to snap a pic, go on a shopping splurge, or both, this destination certainly will ensure your satisfaction.

Visit Galeria Melissa at 500 Broadway in Soho or visit their website to find out more about the gallery.