Beauty & Chill

Do you like coffee? Matcha? Manicures? Nail-art? All of the above? If you answered yes, then Chillhouse--a cafe-spa on the Lower East Side in Manhattan--is your dream come true. The simple decor and white-washed aesthetic in the rooms provide the perfect attitude so you can “chill at your will.” As for the actual menu and services, the space also has a “natural ingredient” theme consistent throughout it, both in the foods served in the cafe and non-toxic nail brands. Here’s a closer look inside of this salon/cafe hybrid...

As you enter the cafe, the first thing you see is an LED lit face in profile with “Chill” spelled out on the brain. You are given the choice to either enjoy an “upper” or a “downer.” The uppers include delicious coffee or a matcha latte while the downers are made with ingredients to help you unwind right before you indulge in a beauty service. Drinks with kava or valerian root especially put you at ease.

Once you finish your refreshments, you enter the back room, also known as the nail salon. There is a great variety of nail polishes that you can select from, including colors from high-quality brands such as Deborah Lippmann and CND Shellac. Once you take your pick, you perch yourself at the ten-seat marble bar and pick a style from Chillhouse’s wide selection of Instagram-worthy nail art. There is the “California Hard-Edge,” inspired by pop-art; the “Incognito,” which creates a camo effect; the “Discoteca,” influenced by 70s print; and many more.

The massage facilities will certainly help you get your “chill” on. There is a selection of six different types of massages (all fabulous in their own way) that cater to your needs. The “Focus” is a 25-minute bed massage that focuses on only one area--you get to choose which zone and the level of intensity. The “Chill Pill” massage, on the other hand, lasts either 50 or 80 minutes and contains longer strokes that lure you to sleep. You can also add on extras such as aromatherapy or heat packs to your treatment if you feel inclined.

Chillhouse is Manhattan’s newest destination for bloggers; in other words, visit ASAP! My personal experience at this multi-purpose space was so refreshing, and allowed me to leave feeling both rejuvenated and beautiful...oh, and totally #chill.

Chillhouse is located at 149 Essex Street on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. You can also check out their website: and Instagram @chillhouse.