Tinkerbelle: The World's Most Fashionable Puppy

This next interviewee, truly one-of-a-kind, is named Tinkerbelle...she’s a dog. An adorable, six-year-old little Papitese (the only one of that breed that exists on Earth!), Tinkerbelle has made a positive impact on the world, especially in the fashion industry. She’s walked the runway at New York Fashion Week for Rookie three times and for Vivienne Hu twice. And when she’s not prancing in front of the cameras, she’s sitting front row at the shows, wearing her chic custom outfits and getting photographed by the press. Check out my interview with Tinkerbelle’s owner Sam Carrell below (don’t worry, Tinkerbelle was there to supervise!) to find out more about this pup’s fascinating and fashionable lifestyle.

How did Tinkerbelle rise to fame?

Everything has been happening organically. She started at a shelter, where I adopted her. One day, I was walking her around the city and an animal agent saw me and asked if she could work with her. Tinkerbelle’s first booking was with Ralph Lauren, where she ended up being the face of the campaign. It went uphill from there! On her fourth job, the stylist made her an account on Instagram which really helped her career. She got partnerships and sponsors...it’s just been amazing. It’s been a consistent climb but I think if she was not stopped initially by an agent, none of this would be happening.

Did you have to undergo any training with Tinkerbelle once she became a public figure?

She's had no training--just me talking to her. When the agent asked me who trained her and I said that I did, she was shocked. Tink is my first animal! For some reason, when I just talk to her, she cooperates and does what she needs to do!

What do you think makes her so special?

She's a Papitese (Papillon-Maltese) and there are no other Papitese that exist. Because of the odd mix, her coloring and her ears are unique. Also her attentiveness, cooperativeness, patience, politeness...there are so many words to describe her!

What do you think is the most important thing to remember when managing Tink’s Instagram?

Don't miss a post. I have to post daily. Also, hashtag, hashtag, hashtag! I also make sure that the photo is very crisp, clean, bright, and shows her personality. Then, I have Tink’s social media manager Gina come up with amazing captions!

Do you find pictures or videos to be more effective in capturing her fans’ attention on social media?

I think both are effective but her photos are definitely more popular. I don't think there's a rhyme or reason to it, though--it's just all luck and a gamble. Sometimes the picture I think is terrible or the worst quality turns out to be the most popular!

How has Tinkerbelle made her mark in the fashion industry?

A lot of her clothes are made for her or given to her and I always tag the company. A lot of her followers actually end up purchasing the clothing, based on how it looks on Tinkerbelle and things like that. Also, walking in New York Fashion Week is definitely Tink's highlight of her career in the fashion industry. She just loves clothing, hanging out with the models, and being the only dog in the shows. She's has a very diva couture attitude, which works for New York Fashion Week.

What are some of the best outfits that Tinkerbelle has worn?

A diva leather jacket is definitely one of her most memorable. That was a special order made for her from Wag Wear. Also, her black turtleneck cashmere sweater from Ralph Lauren looks really nice and chic on her. As for accessories, she loves her black and white collar, which she also has in blue and white, with a big bow on it. I usually bring it everywhere because it’s just very diva and very her. Everyone loves that collar on her. She even wore it in Italy!

What are some of the most notable events that she has attended?

She went to Betsey Johnson’s last fashion week show ever. It was the most unbelievable experience to have Tink backstage the whole time, in Betsey’s arms for her last show. She also went to a private book release party for Teresa Giudice, one of the Real Housewives of New Jersey. It was a very small, private, and intimate event. All housewives and Tinkerbelle. Funny story: there are photos of Tinkerbelle with Dorinda, one of the Real Housewives, at that event with the caption “Dorinda brought her pup Tinkerbelle to the party.” I guess it’s alright because Tinkerbelle’s name was in there. She’s not Dorinda’s but it’s okay.

Any other funny Real Housewives stories to share?

Tinkerbelle did a Febreeze job with Bethenny Frankel. Every time Bethenney saw the cameras coming and Tink wasn’t in her arms, she started screaming, "Tinkerbelle! Where's Tinkerbelle? Bring Tinkerbelle to me!” That was fun.

Who are some of the most memorable celebrities that Tinkerbelle has met?

Oh, that’s really hard. Probably Lin-Manuel Miranda from Hamilton. There’s this famous photo of them kissing each other that’s all over the internet. Every day, if you type in Tinkerbelle’s name on Google, it pops up. But like I said before, terrible quality! It’s so random. That photo has more views than I think any other pics he’s done or Tinkerbelle has done. She also met Whoopi Goldberg once during New York Fashion Week, which was really fun. (Tinkerbelle crawls into Sam’s lap to lay down).

Aw, little one wants to go sleep!

(starts to rub Tinkerbelle’s fur) Tinky, who else have we met? Oh, she liked working with Scott Foley a lot for a Swiffer job. She also just worked with Maksim Chmerkovskiy from Dancing with the Stars on a gig for that same company. The two of them were dancing together! Lastly, Misty Copeland was amazing when Tink and I met her. Just so nice and wonderful.

What are her future plans?

To keep working. She aspires to be on Broadway, maybe have her own sitcom, meet more celebrities, and keep making friends. (Tinkerbelle’s eyes finally start to close) Good night, Tinky!

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