A Philanthropic Beauty Brand?!

It feels so good to use high-quality beauty products. You know what feels even better? Using high-quality beauty products that leave a greater impact on the community. Abhati—a beauty brand whose mission is to change the world one product at a time—does just that. Although their line of products is not currently sold at major retail stores such as Sephora or Ulta, the brand is still, what CEO Anju Rapal calls, “small but mighty.”

Abhati’s hair, body, and skin care items are made with sustainably and ethically sourced ingredients from India and Switzerland--that way, the collection "works for consumer and maker alike," as Vanity Fair puts it. The blends are even inspired by Indian heritage and harness the healing power of the plants of Ayurveda and Swiss botanic science.

Abhati is known for its Yaumna Shampoo and Mahaka Conditioner, which feature Indian gooseberry--full of antioxidants--and Himalayan Cherry Oil. Abhati’s Kaylana Rare Oil is also one of their standout products: it is “manufactured from 100% unrefined, unprocessed, raw and certified organic whole plant ingredients” that are harvested by farmers in India. The oil is also filled with fresh organic roses grown on the foothills of the Himalaya.

Furthermore, each product from the line that is sold sends a girl in India to school for a week--as of now, 37,000 young women and counting! Abhati believes in empowering the next generation so that they feel confident in their future. By giving children the gift of education, the brand proves that beauty is much more than just something that enhances our exterior. It radiates from the inside; remember that next time you’re buying a new lip gloss.

Visit https://abhatisuisse.com to learn more about the brand.

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