Gina Modica Masters Bachelorette Beauty

Hey, die-hard Bachelor Nation fans, do you ever wonder how the Bachelorette’s makeup always looks so put together after long days of filming? How is it even possible for her lipstick to stay intact after kissing so many men? Or how about her eye makeup after shedding so many tears? The secret lies in makeup artist Gina Modica’s strategic--okay, downright magical--ways. In addition to being on the beauty team for Teen Wolf, Parental Guidance, and more popular TV shows, the makeup expert has been associated with the Bachelor franchise for 17 years now. Each season of The Bachelorette, Modica works exclusively with the leading lady to customize a makeup look that makes her feel confident in her search for love. In an exclusive interview with Carrie’s Chronicles, the beauty guru spilled all her secrets when it comes to being the designated on-set makeup artist for The Bachelorette.

Pre-Bachelor, how did you first develop your passion for makeup?

It kind of happened by accident. I always loved doing other people’s makeup when I was younger. I would always make my friends and family suffer through my makeovers.

How did you first become associated with the The Bachelorette?

Gina: I used to work with Chris Harrison [the host of all Bachelor shows] at the TVG Network. While we were there, he auditioned to be a host for The Bachelor and when he got the job, he took me on the show as his personal makeup artist. I didn’t work the first season but I’ve worked from the second season on for the past 17 years now. For the first few years, I would do Chris and whoever the Bachelor was, but then I eventually started doing the Bachelorette.

How has your relationship with the franchise progressed over the years?

Throughout the years, I’ve probably worked on every Bachelorette, whether it was for the show itself or for a special episode. The first Bachelorette I did makeup on for her show was DeAnna Pappas. In the beginning, I didn’t travel with the Bachelorette or do her makeup for her dates---she had to do that on her own. But for the past ten years, I have traveled everywhere with each Bachelorette and done her makeup everyday we shot an episode, both for her dates and for the rose ceremonies.

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What was it like working with Becca Kufrin, the most recent Bachelorette?

Becca is the sweetest. She is always smiling and fun to be around, which is exactly how she is portrayed on screen.

Was there a particularly funny moment you two shared on set?

Honestly, there wasn’t one specific moment. We always had fun when she was in the makeup chair!

How would you describe her makeup style?

Fresh and clean, although we did glam her up at times

Over the years, how have you kept the Bachelorette’s lipstick from smudging when they kiss different men?

You can’t really prevent it, but it helps if you start with more natural colors. I like to use liner all over the lips and a matte lipstick on top. Lip Stains work as well. Some brands that I would recommend for a Bachelorette-like pout are ArmaniToo Faced, and BITE Beauty

When it comes to the Bachelorette’s eye makeup, how do you keep it from running after a sob sesh?

I use a lot of creams and water resistant products. I like those types of products from Kevyn AucoinNars, and Make Up For Ever

What was your greatest challenge when doing Becca’s makeup on set this season?

Humidity and water were probably the most challenging aspects. It’s hard to keep makeup on and looking fresh under those conditions. But the fact that we used creams and waterproof mascara--even when she went swimming in the ocean or layed out in the sun--made it hold up great. The trick of keeping makeup on while dealing with those elements is not to touch your face, and if you have to, just blot. 

What’s one beauty product that a Bachelorette must wear at all times under those conditions?

If I had to pick just one, I’d say sunscreen. 

What is the best piece of advice you have given to a Bachelorette in the past?

To have a good skincare routine. It’s a must. Makeup doesn’t matter if your skin isn’t balanced.

What are your future plans?

I would love to continue with the Bachelor franchise, since I’ve pretty much been there since the beginning. 

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