Skin Care Takes a Step Out of This World

FOREO, a renowned Swedish multinational beauty brand, is pushing the limits of beauty with their new UFO (“Ur Future Obsession”) smart mask device. The Bluetooth-activated, travel-size product--which launched in U.S. retail stores in early August--is compatible with seven activated sheet masks, with the intention of delivering a spa-level facial in as little as 90 seconds.

The sheet masks attached to the UFO device are each developed in Korea, the global center of high-quality skin care. Korean experts make each mask from soft microfiber material and infuse the product with the purest ingredients to benefit the skin. Unlike most sheet masks that are sold in America, the ones made for the UFO are free of parabens, phenoxyethanol, silicons, disodium EDTA, mineral oil, and other damaging chemicals. Additionally, the UFO uses six forms of technology in order to take skin regime to the next level. Gone are the days where one needs to wait 20-30 minutes for a messy sheet mask to work its magic on the skin.

The price ($279 for a full-size UFO and $179 for a mini) is relatively reasonable as well, considering the advanced technology that the device uses. As the CEO of FOREO Paul Peros puts it, the UFO “We are giving women their time back, eradicating the need for expensive spa treatments, offering everyday convenience and ease through the app-enabled functions and essentially, bringing a top beauty regime and results to an easy, at-home, luxurious experience for everyone.”

The device uses hyper-infusion technology, T-SonicTM pulsations, and cryotherapy to give skin maximum benefits in a methodical manner. But the UFO’s LED light therapy treatments, which use three different colors, are also a key feature of the product. The red LED erases signs of aging and stimulates collagen production, the green LED brightens dull complexions and evens skin tones, and the blue LED kills acne-causing bacteria and stimulates blood circulation. Additionally, the treatments for the sheet masks inserted--including the daytime “Make my Day” and nighttime “Call It A Night” ones--are pre-programmed in the device so that each can deliver the specific advantages they promise through a series of pulsations and temperature changes.

To use the UFO, first download the FOREO app, available on both Androids and Apple devices. Next, hold the on/off button on the UFO for three seconds to connect it to the app through Bluetooth. A full white light appears when the UFO is paired. Then, follow the instructions on the app to clip the mask into place and scan its barcode. The corresponding treatment will immediately sync to the UFO. Once the setup is complete, gently glide the UFO across a cleansed face and massage the formula into the skin in circular motions. Once the pulsations slow down and the device turns off, the treatment is complete. Any remaining essence should be rubbed into the skin and then followed by a moisturizer of choice. It is also very important to run the UFO under running water and dispose of the mask when done to maintain good hygiene.

You can purchase FOREO’s UFO device at