Top 5 Fashion Trends for Fall 2018

From oversized to futuristic glam to rodeo-inspired, this fall’s style trend roundup may not have been your first idea of what would be introduced to your everyday wardrobe. Autumn trends--which were shown in February at Fashion Week--are all about being bold and taking risks...but isn’t that what 2018 is all about? Make it your fall resolution to incorporate one, two, or even all of these trends into your daily looks. When you find out that your back-to-school outfit matches Gigi Hadid’s, the risk will have been worth it.

1. Let’s Hear You Roar

Listen to your animal instincts this autumn by sporting bright zebra, cheetah, and leopard prints. Wear the prints by themselves or mix them together to make an epic fashion statement. But if you’re wary of the trend, first “start with an accessory like a leopard handbag or shoes,” celebrity stylist Samantha Brown recommends. “A leopard belt is also the perfect way to complement a corporate wardrobe full of sheath dresses and can even be worn over a coat or a blazer.” Who needs boring office frocks when animal prints allow you to tap into your wild side?

2. Bigger is Better

Sorry bodycon styles, but avant-garde, oversized garments are taking center stage this fall. Although this style may initially be deemed unflattering and too ‘out there,’ it’s actually a cultural rebellion in a world full of restrictive dress codes. Hawwaa Ibrahim, a Muslim fashion designer and runner-up on Project Runway Junior, notes that the trend is “comfortable, stylish, and is worn in the Modest fashion community quite often.” Oversized outfits are typically produced by top designers and can be out of most people’s price ranges. Ibrahim’s advice to try the trend without blowing your budget? “Start by buying or thrifting clothing that’s around two times your normal size. From there, get to styling!”

3. Giddiup!

You guessed it. Channel Western vibes in the chicest way possible without traveling to a rodeo. “Turquoise and western jewelry allow you to dip your toe in the trend, as well as fringe and stitched denim,” says Brown. To ensure that your Western wear doesn’t look too cliche, Brown recommends that you “choose only one or two pieces to integrate into your day-to-day style.” No need to break out the cowboy boots and hat.

4. Back to the Future

Holography and plastics and metallics, oh my! Many of today’s top designers such as Tom Ford, Christian Dior, and Balmain sent models down the runway that looked like they walked straight out of the future. But before fully indulging in your futuristic fantasies, there is something important to remember. Peytie Slater, who--like Ibrahim--was a runner-up on Project Runway Junior, warns that “clear vinyl can get gimmicky really fast. Chanel’s Fall ‘17 Space Collection is the perfect example of how to wear the trend correctly.”

5. Return to the 80s

The decade which represented a cultural phenomenon when it came to fashion is making the ultimate comeback. Neon colors, shoulder pads, and lots of leather are being incorporated into designers’ new collections this fall--but something has specifically changed since three decades ago. “Fashion designers are taking the 80s trend and giving it a modern twist with the materials and styling,” notes Ibrahim. “The modern-day outfits seem to be more put together and thought out.” To avoid getting stuck in the past, Brown adds that it’s best to “keep your makeup clean and simple to help modernize the trend.”

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