Bathing Suits from Swim to Street

With Summer 2018 now a distant memory, people are disposing of their used sunscreen bottles, packing their bags for school or work, and--unfortunately--boxing up their fave swimsuits. Not so fast! Just because autumn is here doesn’t mean our bikinis and one-pieces need to go into storage. Bathing suits are equally as chic when you wear them away from the long as you style them correctly. Take Louis Vuitton’s 2017 Resort Collection for example, whose neoprene zip-up dresses--inspired by rash guards--channeled a surfer vibe in an ultra-fashionable way. Follow these easy tips below on how to sport your summer swimwear on the street without looking like you’re going to do the backstroke in the middle of the sidewalk.

Pieces from Louis Vuitton's 2017 Resort Collection

Pieces from Louis Vuitton's 2017 Resort Collection

1. Wear your one-piece as a bodysuit. If your swimsuit is printed, pair it with denim jeans or shorts and neutral-colored booties so the outfit doesn’t look too busy. But if your one-piece is an earth tone such as black or white, you can up the “it factor” by adding a statement bomber jacket or an embellished clutch.

2. Pair your bikini with overalls. This way, the top of your bikini serves as a crop top and the bottoms are hardly visible with the overalls serving as a “cover-up.” Also, remember to pair the look with cute espadrilles or flats--save your flip-flops for the water. 

3. Head over to the store and buy a pair of men’s board shorts to couple with a sweater. Although this look isn’t so common, I guarantee that your friends or coworkers will applaud you for your creativity. Just remember to keep the prints in your look to a minimum. If your shorts have a loud pattern on them, pick a more neutral-toned sweater to complement it.

4. That short-sleeve, high neck crop top you wore in the pool can be easily recycled for the fall when placed under a casual midi or maxi dress. Bonus points if your top is a bright color or print and your dress is a neutral tone--that way, your swimwear turns into the statement piece of your outfit.

5. A rash guard and a maxi skirt are a match made in fashion heaven! To go for a feminine, flirty vibe, opt for a floral skirt and accompany it with a rash guard in a matching hue. Then top it off with a pair of booties (or--if you insist--sandals) to make the look perfect for fall.